[3] Can Those Without Heinous Transgressions But With Slander Of The Dharma Attain Birth In Pure Land? 无五逆罪而诽谤正法能生净土吗?

Below is the third of the last seven questions and answers in the Rebirth Treatise’s Commentary’s Lower Scroll, as titled for easier reference.]

[3] 无五逆罪而诽谤正法能生净土吗?
Can Those Without Heinous Transgressions But With Slander Of The Dharma Attain Birth In Pure Land?


Question: If one person [is] compete [with the] Five Heinous Transgressions, yet not slandering [the] right Dharma, [the Contemplation] Sūtra allows attaining [of] birth.


Again, [if there is] one person, [who] only slanders [the] right Dharma, yet [is] without [the] Five Heinous [and] many [other] transgressions, [can] that [person who] aspires [for] rebirth, attain birth or not?


Answer: Only causing slander [of the] right Dharma, although also without other transgressions, [one] definitely [will] not attain birth. Why [is it] with [this] said?


People [with the] Five Heinous [Transgressions, will] fall [into the] Avīci Great Hell within, completely receiving one kalpa’s heavy transgressions’ [retribution].


People [who] slander [the] right Dharma, [will] fall [into the] Avīci Great Hell within, [with] this kalpa if exhausted, again transferred [to] reach another direction’s Avīci Great Hell within, thus passing through [a] hundred thousand Avīci Great Hells, [with the] Buddhas not predicting [the] time [of] attaining exit, with slander [of the] Dharma’s transgressions extremely heavy thus.


Also, that right Dharma, is the same as [the] Buddhas’ teachings. These ignorant people, since [having] given rise [to] slander [of them], how can [they have reason] of having Aspiration [to be] born [in the] Buddha’s land?


If only [with] greed [for] that land’s peace [and] bliss, then aspiring [for] birth, likewise [are] they like seeking of ice [that is] not water, fire [that is] without smoke. How can [these] be attained reasonably?

《无量寿经优婆提舍愿生偈注 卷上》
(Immeasurable Life Sūtra’s Upadeśa’s Verses [On] Aspiration [For] Birth: Upper Scroll)

婆薮槃头菩萨 造
Written [by] Vasubandhu Bodhisattva
菩提流支 译
Translation [by] Bodhiruci
昙鸾大师 注
Commentary [by] Great Master Tánluán

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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