[4] What Is Slander Of The Right Dharma? 何为诽谤正法?

Below is the fourth of the last seven questions and answers in the Rebirth Treatise’s Commentary’s Lower Scroll, as titled for easier reference.]

[4] 何为诽谤正法?
What Is Slander Of The Right Dharma?


Question: [Of] what form is slander [of the] right Dharma?


Answer: If saying [this world is] without Buddha[s], without [the] Buddhas’ Dharma [teachings], without Bodhisattvas, without Bodhisattvas’ Dharma [teachings, and] other such [wrong] views, if [with the] mind personally ‘understanding’ [wrongly], if from others receiving [this wrong understanding, with that] mind [being] certain, all [are] named [as] ‘slander [of the] right Dharma’.

《无量寿经优婆提舍愿生偈注 卷上》
(Immeasurable Life Sūtra’s Upadeśa’s Verses [On] Aspiration [For] Birth: Upper Scroll)

婆薮槃头菩萨 造
Written [by] Vasubandhu Bodhisattva
菩提流支 译
Translation [by] Bodhiruci
昙鸾大师 注
Commentary [by] Great Master Tánluán

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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Immeasurable Life Sūtra’s Upadeśa

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