[2] How To Understand Two Sūtras’ Teachings On Attainment Of Birth In Pure Land? 如何了解二经得生净土之理?

Below is the second of the last seven questions and answers in the Rebirth Treatise’s Commentary’s Lower Scroll, as titled for easier reference.]

[2] 如何了解二经得生净土之理?
How To Understand Two Sūtras’ Teachings On Attainment Of Birth In Pure Land?


Question: [The] Immeasurable Life Sūtra says, [of] those [who] aspire [to be] reborn [in Pure Land], all [will] attain rebirth. ‘Only excluded [are those with the] Five Heinous [Transgressions, who] slander [the] right Dharma.’

[Note 4: According to the sūtra — ‘If I attain Buddhahood, [the] ten directions’ [sentient] beings, [with] (utmost) sincere hearts (i.e. minds) [and] joyful faith, desire birth [in] my land, and even [with] ten thoughts [of mindfulness], if they [should] not [be] born [there, I shall] not obtain right awakening. Only excluded [are those who with the] Five Heinous [Transgressions, who] slander [the] right Dharma.’ (设我得佛,十方众生,至心信乐,欲生我国,乃至十念,若不生者,不取正觉。唯除五逆,诽谤正法。)


[The] Sūtra [On] Contemplation [Of] Immeasurable Life [Buddha] says, [those who] do [the] ‘Five Heinous [Transgressions and] Ten Evil [Karmas], complete [with] all [that is] not good’, likewise [can] attain rebirth. [Of] these two sūtras, how can [they be] said [to] meet [in meaning]?

答曰:一经以具二种重罪,一者五逆,二者诽谤正法,以此二种罪故,所以不得往生 ;

Answer: [The first] one sūtra [is] with [those] complete [with] two kinds [of] heavy transgressions. First, [are the] Five Heinous [Transgressions]. Second, [is] ‘slander [of the] right Dharma’. With these two kinds [of] transgressions thus, therefore not attaining rebirth.

[Note 5: Although the Five Heinous Transgressions are already heavy, as Note 6 explains, they are still repentable for reaching Pure Land, while it is with unrepented slander of the right Dharma too, that they together become too heavy to do so.]


[The second] one sūtra only speaks [of] doing [the] Ten Evil [Karmas], Five Heinous [and] other transgressions, not speaking [of] ‘slander [of the] right Dharma’, with not slandering [the] right Dharma thus, therefore attaining birth.

[Note 6: Although these transgressions together are heavy, they can be repented with Practice of the right Dharma Door of mindfulness of the Buddha in time, which is extremely meritorious with connection to the Buddha’s Other-power, thus being the main right Dharma teaching that should not be slandered. If even this Dharma is slandered, there would be no more hope of reaching Pure Land in this lifetime, while being karmically bound for a lower rebirth. With slander of this Dharma, it would be impossible to practise mindfulness of Buddha to reach Pure Land, as the First Provision of Faith needed would not even be present. If there was slander of this Dharma, but sincerely repented in time, with the slander ‘nullified’, it is still possible to practise accordingly.]

《无量寿经优婆提舍愿生偈注 卷上》
(Immeasurable Life Sūtra’s Upadeśa’s Verses [On] Aspiration [For] Birth: Upper Scroll)

婆薮槃头菩萨 造
Written [by] Vasubandhu Bodhisattva
菩提流支 译
Translation [by] Bodhiruci
昙鸾大师 注
Commentary [by] Great Master Tánluán

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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