When Can There Be Rebirth In Pure Land? 何时能往生净土?


[1] While the destination of rebirth does pivot upon the nature of the one rebirth proximate karma moment, there are more of such potential moments than usually imagined, for the average being.

[2] Every moment not yet reborn, including now, and even after physical death, is a potential rebirth proximate karma moment, as rebirth might occur suddenly. Thus, do not take your time, especially when dying, but create the causes (by giving rise to the Three Provisions) for reaching Pure Land swiftly, utilising every opportunity available.

[3] Not only is the bardo state after death for the average person an intermediate window period, even now, alive in waking life is the (Kyenay) bardo state (of birth and life), between conception and the last breath is a window period. All states of existence in the rounds of life and death are thus transitory.

[4] With so many window periods, every practice session of mindfulness of Buddha is potentially effectively a support-chanting session too, for ourselves and others. Thus should there always be sincere practice.

[5] The window periods when dying and after dying are especially crucial, when support-chanting should be present to guide the dying and deceased. It should not be imagined that ‘all is lost’ once there is physical death.

[6] The window period between the transpired life and the next in the bardo state after death can be as brief as a 1 thought moment, to as long as 49 days, or even beyond in some cases. Thus should there be immediate support-chanting, not assuming there is definitely plenty of time to do so. On every 7th day after death, for 7 weeks, as the bardo being is more likely to take rebirth then, when undergoing ‘secondary deaths’, there should be more guidance and support-chanting done on these days.

[7] There is no need to bother about signs of the various stages of the dissolution of the four great elements or of bardo states, as they are all considered inappropriate subjects of mindfulness for reaching Pure Land, that can potentially distract from the easiest way to reach it. (The primordial clear light will be missed by the average person too.) There should thus only be wholehearted mindfulness of Buddha’s name, for connection and guidance to reach Pure Land.

[8] Once the Three Provisions are adequate, there will be swift reach of Pure Land. Even before the period of dying and arrival of death, Pure Land can be reached. 

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