Relationship Of Special With Common Bodhicitta 特别与通途菩提心之关系

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[1] 为方便与通途菩提心分辨,特别菩提心如以上之定义。(看第一相关文章)   
For convenience of differentiating from Common Bodhicitta, Special Bodhicitta is defined as above. (See first Related Article for details.) 

[2] 发特别菩提心者,一定能往生净土后,发圆满通途菩提心。
Those with Special Bodhicitta will, after rebirth in Pure Land, definitely give rise to Complete Common Bodhicitta.

[3] 发特别菩提心者,虽无,或有部分通途菩提心,仍然能往生净土。  
Those with Special Bodhicitta, even with no or Partial Common Bodhicitta, still can be reborn in Pure Land.

[4] 无特别菩提心者,虽有部分或圆满通途菩提心,仍然不能往生净土。    
Those without Special Bodhicitta, even with Partial or Complete Bodhicitta, still cannot be reborn in Pure Land.

[5] 在娑婆世界难发圆满通途菩提心,而在极乐世界易发。  
It is difficult to give rise to Complete Common Bodhicitta in the Sahā World but easy in Pure Land.

[6] 只发部分通途菩提心者,仍然能发特别菩提心往生净土,把它圆满。
Those with Partial Common Bodhicitta only can still give rise to Special Bodhicitta to be reborn in Pure Land to complete it.  

[7] 在娑婆世界发通途菩提心者,仰仗阿弥陀佛第十九愿得生净土上三品。  
Those with Common Bodhicitta in the Sahā World rely upon Āmítuófó’s 19th vow to attain the Three High Grades of birth in Pure Land.

[8] 往生净土中三品与下三品者不须先发通途菩提心,而在净土一定能圆满发。
Those of the Three Middle and Three Lower Grades of birth do not need to give rise to Common Bodhicitta first, with it definitely given rise to completely in Pure Land.

The Bodhicitta required for the 3 Grades of birth in the Immeasurable Life Sūtra is Special Bodhicitta.

「大本《阿弥陀经》,亦以发菩提愿为要,正与此同。」- 净土宗九祖蕅益大师
‘[The] larger “version” [of the] Amitābha Sūtra [i.e. Immeasurable Life Sūtra《无量寿经》is] likewise with giving rise [to the] Bodhi Aspiration [i.e. Bodhicitta] as essential [in its section on the Three Grades (三辈) for birth in Pure Land, which is] exactly with this, [the] same [in meaning as ‘(with) profound Faith giving rise (to) Aspiration’ (深信发愿)].’ – Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì  

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