How To Forever Cease Killing & Always Liberate Lives? 如何永止杀生永放生?


[Of] all who enter [this life liberation] association, each should abstain [from] killing [and] eat [as] veg[etari]ans, with themselves being [good] examples.


And of those [who are] willing [to do] good, who [are] not equal [to] you, [with] sight [of your efforts] contemplated [upon], and so [doing] good, the effects [are] extremely great.


If not able [to] at once sever [meat-eating, you] also should gradually reduce [it]. Reducing [this] as far as to [the] utmost, thus [will] karma [of] killing [be] forever ceased.


If one person [for] one’s [whole] life [does] not kill, thus [are the] lives [that] live [on] uncountable.


Furthermore, due [to] one person[‘s efforts influencing] up to tens [of] hundreds [of] thousands [of] ten thousands [of] people, thus accomplished [is the] universal liberation [and] constant liberation of ‘non-liberation’, [by liberating sentient beings from the dining table].

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Língyánshān Monastery’s lower house’s tablet record [of its] life liberation association’s origin, [as] attached [to the] life liberation pond)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an


Active life liberation
frees animals from being killed,
thus cutting off supply
of killed animals.

Passive life liberation
frees animals from being eaten,
thus cutting off demand
for killed animals.

Both kinds of life liberation are important
for cutting off supply and demand,
as even if one has no demand for killing,
others might still do.

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