How To Not Panic When Dying? 如何临终不手忙脚乱?


[There] are those, [who in] ordinary days, consider themselves to be ‘experts’ [in] realisation [and] ‘experts’ [in all of the Buddha’s] teachings, [who] see Pure Land as if [as a] defiled object, fearing [that] it [will] defile themselves, [due to their own arrogance and delusion. However, when] approaching [the] end [of life], many [of them] are [with their] hands busy [and] legs confused, [flustered and lost], crying [for their] Fathers [and] calling [for their] Mothers.


[Then, there] are those earnest[ly sincere] persons, [who in everyday life] uphold [the] precepts [and practise] mindfulness [of Amitābha] Buddha[‘s name: Āmítuófó]. Even [when] Faith [and] Aspiration [are] yet [to be] utmost, [with] auspicious signs not manifesting, [they] are all [able to be] peaceful [when their] lives end.


How [are] these [differences] thus? Verily, [this is] due [to their] minds’ waters [being] pure [and] clear, [and the others], due [to] discrimination, [who are] then [with] muddle-headedness moving [restlessly].


[When the] consciousness’ waves [are] rushing [and] rising, due to [sincere mindfulness of the] Buddha’s name, with [it, the water will become] calm [and] clear.


Therefore, [those supposedly of] ‘higher wisdom’ [become] not as good as [those supposedly of] ‘lower foolishness’. [When trying to] handle [dying] skilfully, [the first] instead accomplish [only] great clumsiness.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Written for Dàxīngshàn Monastery’s Venerable Tǐ’ān)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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