How To Be Mindful Of Buddha For No Afflictions From Attachment & Hatred? 如何念佛而无贪恋与瞋恚的烦恼?


[Now having reached] 70 years old, [of those later reaching a] hundred years, how many [are] able [to do so]?


Now [with] this evening scene, [this is] just right [for] releasing [my] embrace, [to] see through [the] worldly, [which is] just like a play. How [can it] have [any ultimate] reality?


Only with one recitation [of the name of] Āmítuófó, [I] spend [my] leisurely time available [left], only with [the thought of his] Western [Pure] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss as my home.


[As] I now mindful [of] Buddha, [in] days later, will [be] born [in his] Western [Pure Land], how fortunate [it is to be] of such [ones]!


[Thus], give rise [to] great rejoice, [and] do not give rise [to] afflictions.


If encountering matters not according [to your] wishes, immediately then turn around [your] thought, [with] this one recitation [of] Buddha[‘s name], without delay upholding [it with] mindfulness.


While returning [with the] light [of mindfulness], internally reflect, ‘[As] I am [to be] among Āmítuófó’s [Pure] Land’s persons, how [can I lower myself to argue] with worldly people, [who have less-informed] ordinary knowledge [and] experience?’


Turn around [from] hatred [and] feel joy, [to] wholeheartedly [be] mindful [of] Buddha [instead].


This is, among [all] humans, [to be those with] wisdom, [with the] Dharma door [of] great peace [and] bliss, [for] great liberation.

Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí
(Collection [Of] Yúnqī’s Pure Land Sayings):
For Jiāngyīn’s layperson Féng Yúnjū

Summary: Especially having reached a number of years of age, there should be mindfulness that time in this life is truly running out, with most not able to reach a ripe old age. However, those who are young should be mindful that time is likewise running out for them, with it able to end suddenly at any time. When definitely facing the sunset of life, this is when there should be letting go of worldly attachments, by clearly seeing their impermanent and unsubstantial nature. Just like a theatrical show, not matter how elaborate and dramatic it was with its ups and downs, worldly life in essence is not unlike this fleeting and fictitious show.

Now, there should only be true Practice of mindfulness of the name of Āmítuófó, in all spare time, with profound Faith and sincerely Aspiration to reach his Pure Land, seeing it as our true home; instead of whiling away,  wasting limited time left. Bear in mind how wonderful a blessing it is, that with our Practice now, we will later reach Pure Land, with which we should only give rise to great rejoice, and not give rise to the slightest afflictions.

If obstacles are met, instantly transform your thought with mindfulness of Āmítuófó’s name, reflecting that since we are going to his Pure Land, we should no longer be like common worldly ones, who are lacking in understanding, thus conditioning our suffering. With sincere mindfulness of Buddha, we should transform our hatred into joy. To do so is to be with compassion and wisdom, for oneself and others, to experience peace and bliss now, while advancing towards Pure Land for complete liberation.

Namo Amituofo : Translation & summary by Shen Shi’an

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