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念佛得佛护念 Mindfulness Of Amituofo Attains Mindful Protection Of Amituofo


As the Contemplation Sutra’s twelve contemplation within says, if there are persons, whom at all times and places, in day and night, with sincere minds visualise Amitabha Buddha’s [Amituofo] Pure Land’s adornments of two rewards,* supposing they are seen or not seen, the Buddha Of Immeasurable Life [Amituofo] will manifest innumerable manifestation Buddhas, while Guanyin [Contemplator Of Sound] and Dashizhi [Great Power Arrived] Bodhisattvas will also manifest innumerable manifestation bodies, constantly coming to these practitioners, where they are, who also offer their present lives mindful protection, being conditions for [spiritual] growth.


Also, as in the Contemplation Sutra’s following text, if there are persons, with sincere minds, who are constantly mindful of Amituofo and the two Bodhisattvas, the Bodhisattvas Guanyin and Dashizhi will constantly be with these practitioners, manifesting as their superior friends, always following like shadows to protect them. This also offers their present lives mindful protection, being conditions for [spiritual] growth.

[*Two rewards (二报): Direct karmic reward (正报) of body & circumstantial karmic reward (依报) of environment]

– 观念法门

– Dharma Door Of Contemplative Mindfulness
(Pure Land Tradition’s Second Patriarch Great Master Shandao)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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