The Root Ten Precepts Of All Buddhas And Bodhisattvas’ Practices 一切佛菩萨行之根本十戒


Buddhas’ [Bodhisattva] disciples, [there] are Ten Unrepentable Precepts, [that] should [be] received [and] should [be] upheld.

[Note 1: The breaking of these precepts has to be very sincerely repented for, before they can be received again, to be ‘restored.’ Otherwise, they are considered nullified.]


[1] First, [is] not [having] killing [of] humans, and even [the] twenty-eight heavens’ [beings], all Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas.


[2] Second, [is] not [having] stealing, and even [of a blade of] grass [and] leaf.


[3] Third, [is] not [having] sex[ual mis/conduct], and even [with] non-humans.


[4] Fourth, [is] not [having] false speech, and even [with] non-humans.


[5] Fifth, [is] not [having] speaking [of] transgressions [of those who have] left [the] household [life and those] in [the] household [life].


[6] Sixth, [is] not [having] buying and selling [of] alcohol.


[7] Seventh, [is] not [having] self-praising [and] defaming [of] others.


[8] Eighth, [is] not [having] miserliness.


[9] Ninth, [is] not [having] anger, and even [with] non-humans.


[10] Tenth, [is] not [having] slandering [of the] Triple Gem.


If [having] broken [these] Ten Precepts, [as they] cannot [be] repented [for, then] entering parājikas.

[Note 2: A parājika transgression is a moral defeat due to an extreme evil done, which is likened to having one’s head severed (断头), that cannot be recovered from. See Note [1] for the remedy.]


[For] ten kalpas within, [in] one day receiving transgressions’ [sufferings] eighty-four thousand [kinds], ceasing [after] eighty-four thousand lives, thus must [they] not [be] broken.


Therefore, [these] Buddhas’ [Bodhisattva] disciples, [will] lose [the] Aspiring Mind’s Abode, and even [the] Second Abode, Third Abode, [and the] Ten Grounds, [will] all [be] lost.


Therefore, these precepts are [the] roots of all Buddhas [and] all Bodhisattvas’ practices. If all Buddhas [and] all Bodhisattvas, [did] not follow this Ten Precepts’ Dharma Door, [yet] attained their virtuous [and] noble fruits, [this] is without possibility.


[They] are [from the] First Abode, abiding within nature [from] constant practice [as] foremost persons. Thus [do the] next nine persons’ Dharma practices gradually increase [and] expand, and even [to the other] nine Abodes, Ten Practices, Ten Dedications, Ten Grounds [and] Stainless Ground, likewise gradually increasing [and] expanding [with] inconceivable practices.


Buddhas’ [Bodhisattva] disciples, I now, [that have] briefly spoken [of, is] like [the] ocean’s one drop [of water].

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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