[41] Mindfulness Of Buddha Is More Than Enough For Accomplishing Buddhahood 念佛成佛有余

[41] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha [Is] More Than Enough [For] Accomplishing Buddhahood


[As it] should [be] known [that with the] one line [of] ‘Āmítuófó’, upholding it [to] reach [the] utmost, [this is] still more than enough [for] accomplishing Buddhahood, [by reaching his Pure Land, for the swiftest non-retrogressible spiritual progress there, who] will assume [that] those [who] recite [the] Amitā[bha] Sūtra, [or] recite ‘Āmítuófó’, [are] then not able [to] eliminate ‘fixed’ [evil] karma?


[The] Buddha’s Dharma [doors are] like money, depending [on] people [to have] good use [of it]. You, [if] having money then, what matter [such as buying what you need], cannot [be] done?


You, [if] able [to have] focused cultivation [of this] one Dharma [door], what request cannot [be] attained?


How can it be that [to] merely uphold this mantra, [or] recite this sūtra, attains these meritorious virtues, [and does] not attain those other meritorious virtues?

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Dharma Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings (First Compilation): Reply [To] Zhōu Zhìmào;
Record [Of] Great Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings’ Essence (41st Short Section): 2nd [Chapter]: Good Faith [And] Aspiration True [And] Sincere: 2nd [Sub-Chapter]: Exhortation [To] Dispel Doubts [And] Give Rise [To] Faith (16th Short Section)

[Ref: #41 / 2.2.16]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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