[20] Top Ten Facts To Know About The Dhāraṇī (Rebirth) Blanket 十大陀罗尼被(往生被)须知

[20] Top Ten Facts To Know About The Dhāraṇī (Rebirth) Blanket

[1] External Aids: Although external aids such as the Sand Of Golden Bright Light (金光明沙), Mantra Wheels (咒轮), Rebirth/Dhāraṇī Blanket (往生/陀罗尼被), guidance (开示) and even support-chanting (助念) can facilitate birth in Pure Land (净土), we must not assume that we will personally have enough meritorious virtues (功德) to deserve use of such aids when dying, as this might lead to complacence in nurturing the Three Provisions (三资粮) of Faith, Aspiration and Practice (信愿行), which are the actual essentials for reaching Pure Land. The stronger these provisions are, the more effective will such supportive aids be, while those already with strong provisions do not really need them. More details on ensuring Pure Land will be reached can be seen at

[2] Efficacy: For greatest efficacy, only consecrated aids from authentic Buddhist temples, centres or shops should be used. True Rebirth Blankets are with many properly printed mantras with inconceivable powers of blessing. Contact with them can help to eradicate evil karmas. They are light for minimising causing of discomfort in terms of weight and warmth.

[3] For The Dying: The Rebirth Blanket should be placed on the dying, above the usual blanket. It should be fully covered to the chest, with the words ‘Námó Āmítuófó’ (南无阿弥陀佛) at the front and top. As unseen beings see it as protective bright light, this prevents disturbances from karmic creditors (冤亲债主) who might be around to distract the person from mindfulness of Buddha (念佛). The Rebirth Blanket does not hasten death inauspiciously; it facilitates the best rebirth.

[4] Placing Back: After any change of clothes, the Rebirth Blanket should be placed back on the body. This applies to the deceased too.

[5] Right On Top: The Rebirth Blanket is not the Lotus Blanket (莲花被), which is just decorative and not needed. If used, the Rebirth Blanket should be placed above it.

[6] For The Deceased: If the facial expression of the deceased is unpleasant and might spur the grief of anyone, the body should be covered lightly and completely with the Rebirth Blanket, over the head as well.

[7] On Casket: If the body is already in a sealed casket, use the Rebirth Blanket to cover it fully to the chest level and use transparent tape to hold it in place. For ‘unfurling’ its full efficacy, it should not be placed folded on the casket only.

[8] Not To Be Burnt: If casket is to be cremated, remove the Rebirth Blanket before cremation. After cremation, use it to wrap the urn (with the Sand Of Golden Bright Light and Mantra Wheels within). The blanket can be placed in the urn too. As mantras represent the Dharma, they should not be destroyed or burnt, although the blanket can be buried with the body. If torn or stained beyond cleaning, it can be burnt respectfully while chanting ‘Āmítuófó’ to return it to the elements. (If ashes of the deceased are to be scattered, the blanket can be used to cover or wrap them [with Sand Of Golden Bright Light and Mantra Wheels (which should not be thrown away)] , before washing blanket for reuse later.)

[9] For The Living: For protection of those possibly possessed by karmic creditors, and to prevent repossession, the living, who are not dying, can use the Rebirth Blanket respectfully when sleeping too. (For an example on this, see

[10] With Other Aids: With it being the main external aid, the Rebirth Blanket can be used with Sand Of Golden Bright Light and Mantra Wheels too. Details can be seen at [26] and [27] of

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[20] Top Ten Facts To Know About The Dhāraṇī (Rebirth) Blanket

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