[v] Section On Adornments Of The Ten Goodnesses’ Path In The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path《十善业道经》之以十善道之庄严篇

[Adornments Of (The) Ten Goodnesses’ Path]


Dragon King, raising [the] essence, speaking of [these], practising [the] Ten Goodnesses’ path,

[1] 以戒庄严故,能生一切佛法义利,满足大愿;

[1] [with] precepts adorning thus, [this is] able [to] give rise [to] all Buddhas’ Dharma [teachings’] meanings [and] benefits, [to] fulfil great vows.

[2] 忍辱庄严故,得佛圆音,具众相好;

[2] [With] patience adorning thus, [this] attains [the] Buddha’s perfect voice, complete [with] all forms’ excellences.

[3] 精进庄严故,能破魔怨,入佛法藏;

[3] [With] diligence adorning thus, [this is] able [to] destroy māras’ enmity, [to] enter [the] Buddhas’ Dharma treasury.

[4] 定庄严故,能生念、慧、惭、愧、轻安;

[4] [With] concentration adorning thus, [this is] able [to] give rise [to] mindfulness, wisdom, shame [and] fear [of doing evil], [and] tranquillity.

[5] 慧庄严故,能断一切分别妄见;

[5] [With] wisdom adorning thus, [this is] able [to] sever all discriminating false views.

[Note 4:

Six Perfections (六度):

(1) Generosity (布施) – as practised above in section on ‘Rewards Of Practising Giving With (The) Ten Good Karmas’ (以十善业行施之报)
(2) Upholding Precepts (持戒)
(3) Patience (忍辱)
(4) Diligence (精进)
(5) Concentration (禅定)
(6) Wisdom (智慧)]

[6] 慈庄严故,于诸众生不起恼害;

[6] [With] loving-kindness adorning thus, for all sentient beings not giving rise [to] resentment [and] harm.

[7] 悲庄严故,愍诸众生,常不厌舍;

[7] [With] compassion adorning thus, [with] sympathy [for] all sentient beings, constantly not [with] dislike abandoning [them].

[8] 喜庄严故,见修善者,心无嫌嫉;

[8] [With] rejoice adorning thus, seeing those cultivating good, [with] minds without avoiding with dislike [and] jealousy.

[9] 舍庄严故,于顺违境,无爱恚心;

[9] [With] equanimity adorning thus, in favourable [and] opposing situations, without minds [of] love [and] hatred.

[Note 5:

Four Immeasurable Minds (四无量心):

(1) Loving-kindness (慈)
(2) Compassion (悲)
(3) Rejoice (喜)
(4) Equanimity (舍)]

[10] 四摄庄严故,常勤摄化一切众生;

[10] [With the] Four Gatherings adorning thus, constantly [and] diligently gathering [and] transforming all sentient beings.

[Note 6:

Four Gathering Methods (四摄法):

(1) (With) Generosity gathering (布施摄)
(2) (With) Loving speech gathering (爱语摄)
(3) (With) Beneficial practices gathering (利行摄)
(4) (With doing of) Same matters gathering (同事摄)]

[11] 念处庄严故,善能修习四念处观;

[11] [With the Four] Mindfulness Foundations adorning thus, good [at being] able [to] cultivate [the] Four Mindfulness Foundations’ contemplations.

[Note 7:

Four Mindfulness Foundations (四念处):

(1) Contemplation (of) body (as) impure (观身不净)
(2) Contemplation (of) feelings (to) be suffering (观受是苦)
(3) Contemplation (of) mind (to be) impermanent (观心无常)
(4) Contemplation (of) dharmas (to be) non-self (观法无我)]

[12] 正勤庄严故,悉能断除一切不善法,成一切善法;

[12] [With the Four] Right Diligences adorning thus, all [are] able [to] sever [and] eliminate all non-good dharmas, [and] accomplish all good dharmas.

[Note 8:

Four Right Diligences (Efforts) (四正勤):

(1) (Of) already arisen evil, enable (it to be) severed (已生恶令断),
(2) (Of) yet arisen evil, (do) not enable (it to) arise (未生恶不令生),
(3) (Of) yet arisen good, enable (it to) arise, (未生善令生), and
(4) (Of) already arisen good, enable (it to) increase (and) grow (已生善令增长).]

[13] 神足庄严故,恒令身心轻安、快乐;

[13] [With the Four] Power Bases adorning thus, constantly leading [the] body [and] mind [to have] tranquillity, happiness [and] bliss.

[Note 9:

Four Power Bases (四神足):

(1) Zeal Power Base (欲神足)
(2) Diligence Power Base (勤神足)
(3) Mind Power Base (心神足)
(4) Contemplation Power Base (观神足)]

[14] 五根庄严故,深信坚固,精勤匪懈,常无迷忘,寂然调顺,断诸烦恼;

[14] [With the] Five Roots adorning thus, [is] profound faith firm, focused diligence not lazy, constantly without confusion [and] forgetfulness, peacefully, harmoniously [and] favourably, severing all afflictions.

[Note 10:

Five Roots (五根):

(1) Faith Root (信根)
(2) Diligence Root (精进根)
(3) Mindfulness Root (念根)
(4) Concentration Root (定根)
(5) Wisdom Root (慧根)]

[15] 力庄严故,众怨尽灭,无能坏者;

[15] [With the Five] Powers adorning thus, [is] all enmity completely eliminated, without those able [to] destroy [them].

[Note 11:

Five Powers (五力):

(1) Faith Power (信力)
(2) Diligence Power (精进力)
(3) Mindfulness Power (念力)
(4) Concentration Power (定力)
(5) Wisdom Power (慧力)]

[16] 觉支庄严故,常善觉悟一切诸法;

[16] [With the Seven] Awakening Branches adorning thus, constantly good [at] awakening [to] all dharmas.

[Note 12:

Seven Awakening Branches (七觉支):

(1) Selection (of) dharmas’ awakening branch (择法觉支)
(2) Diligence’s awakening branch (精进觉支)
(3) Joy’s awakening branch (喜觉支)
(4) Tranquillity’s awakening branch (轻安觉支)
(5) Renunciation’s awakening branch (舍觉支)
(6) Concentration’s awakening branch (定觉支)
(7) Mindfulness’ awakening branch (念觉支)]

[17] 正道庄严故,得正智慧常现在前;

[17] [With the Eightfold] Noble Path adorning thus, attaining right wisdom, [with it] constantly appearing before [them].

[Note 13:

Eightfold Noble Path (八正道):

(1) Right View (正见)
(2) Right Thought (正思维)
(3) Right Speech (正语)
(4) Right Karma (Action) (正业)
(5) Right Livelihood (正命)
(6) Right Diligence (正精进)
(7) Right Mindfulness (正念)
(8) Right Concentration (正定)]

[18] 止庄严故,悉能涤除一切结使;

[18] [With] cessation adorning thus, all [are] able [to] wash away [to] eliminate all fetters.

[19] 观庄严故,能如实知诸法自性;

[19] [With] contemplation adorning thus, [this is] able [to], according [with] truth, know all dharmas self-nature.

[20] 方便庄严故,速得成满为、无为乐。

[20] [With] skilful means adorning thus, quickly attaining accomplishing [of] conditioned [and] unconditioned bliss.

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