Verse For Prostration To And Praise Of Āmítuófó 礼赞弥陀偈


Homage to and with the sincere mind taking refugefor life in and prostrating to the Western Āmítuófó.


Āmítuófó’s body’s colour is like a golden mountain, with forms’ excellences and bright light illuminating the ten directions. Only having mindfulness of the Buddha receiving his light’s gathering, it should be known that his fundamental vows are the most powerful. The six directions’ Thus Come Ones extend their tongues to confirm, that focused recitation of his name will reach his Western Pure Land. Arriving in that land with flower blossoming, hearing the wonderful Dharma, the Ten Grounds’ vows and practices will naturally manifest.


May I together with all sentient beings, be reborn in the Land Of Peace And Bliss.

Pure Land Tradition’s Second Patriarch Great Master Shàndǎo
(Rebirth’s Prostrations’ And Praises’ Verses)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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