Can This Human World Become A Pure Land? 这个世界能成人间净土吗?

Can This Human World Become A Pure Land?

By Mount Lú’s Dōnglín Monastery’s Abbot Dharma Master Dà’ān, on the eighth lunar month’s first day, in an online session for answering of doubts in 2014:


‘It must be known that this human world is like a house on fire [as it is constantly full of unpredictable physical and spiritual dangers, impermanent and not a safe refuge]! It is a place that we should not allow ourselves to stop over! It is [also in] this five defilements’ evil period! Therefore, the [Buddha in the] Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sūtra tells us that this world here is like the three realms on fire. All Buddha Thus Come Ones who came to this earth, who entered this house on fire, did so for teaching us to leave the three realms [of desire (which humans are in), form and formlessness]. This is to transcend this world! This is the Buddhas’ compassionate minds’ original aspiration! [Note: All Buddhas’ Reward Bodies and their Pure Lands are outside of the three realms, therefore manifesting bodies here to encourage birth in their Pure Lands.]


This point is just right, with the Pure Land Dharma Door, it is a very good fit. The Pure Land Dharma Door precisely wants us to be mindful of the Buddha with Faith and Aspiration, to seek birth in his Western Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss. When you have reached the Western Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss, you would have departed from the three realms’ house on fire, having horizontally transcended the cycle of birth and death already.


Therefore, you must not say, that this human world is very good, that in this human world, we are able to establish a Pure Land. This human world is without a Pure Land that can be spoken of. It is so defiled that it is unbearable!


Of course, we, as Buddhist disciples, should uphold the Five Precepts [or more], and cultivate the Ten Good Karmas’ path [or more], also as much as possible adorn this human world, to enable this human world to have less pain and suffering, and to have more auspiciousness.


However, in brief, this human world is not what we should have greedy attachment towards, as a place we want to stay in. We must depart from this place, to reach the Western Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss, as only with this, is it accordingly complying with the Buddha’s teachings and instructions. From this meaning speaking, from the Pure Land Dharma Door, its unfolded world-transcending Dharma teachings, is forever with the Buddha’s Dharma core and essence. We must not forget this. Námó Āmítuófó.’

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