[19] Section On Sentient Beings’ Attainment Of Deliverance In The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings《佛遗教经》之众生得度篇

[19] Sentient Beings’ Attainment [Of] Deliverance

【释迦牟尼佛】: 世尊欲令此诸大众皆得坚固,以大悲心,复为众说:「汝等比丘,勿怀悲恼。若我住世一劫,会亦当灭。会而不离,终不可得。

[Śākyamuni Buddha]: [The] World-Honoured [One], desiring [to] lead all these [in the] great assembly [to] attain steadfastness, with [his] great compassionate mind, again for [the] assembly said, ‘You [and] other Bhikṣus, [should] not embrace sorrow [and] afflictions. If I abide [in this] world [for] one kalpa, [in] a moment, [I] also will [enter] Parinirvāṇa. [With] meeting yet not departing, [this] in the end cannot [be] obtained.


[As for] self-benefitting [and] benefitting others, [the] Dharma [is] all completely [taught already], if I long[er] abide, [this is] furthermore without those [to] benefit. Those [who] should [and] can [be] delivered, if [in the] heavens above [or in the] human world, [have] all already [been] delivered. [Of] those yet [to be] delivered, [I have for] all also already made [the] causes [and] conditions [for them to] attain deliverance.

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