[20] Section On The Dharma Body Constantly Abiding In The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings《佛遗教经》之法身常住篇

[20] [The] Dharma Body Constantly Abiding

【释迦牟尼佛】: 自今以后,我诸弟子,展转行之,则是如来法身,常在而不灭也。是故当知,世皆无常,会必有离。勿怀忧恼,世相如是。当勤精进,早求解脱;以智慧明,灭诸痴暗。

[Śākyamuni Buddha]: From now afterwards, all my disciples, passing [it] through many, practising it [i.e. the Dharma], are then [with the] Thus Come [One’s] Dharma Body, constantly present and not extinguished. Therefore, [you] should know, [that the] world [is with] all impermanent, [and] meeting definitely [will] have departure. [Do] not embrace worries [and] afflictions, [as the] world’s forms [are] thus. [You] should [be] constantly diligent, [to] soon seek liberation, with wisdoms’ brightness, eliminate all delusions’ darkness.


[The] world [is] truly dangerous [and] fragile, without that strong [and] firm. I [will] now attain Parinirvāṇa, like eliminating [an] evil sickness. This is [a] body that should [be] relinquished, [as an] object of transgressions’ evil, falsely named as [a] “body”, sunken in [the] great ocean [of] ageing, sickness, birth [and] death. How [can there] be those wise, [who] attain elimination [of] it, like [the] killing [of a] hateful thief, yet not [be] joyful?

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