Pure Land Practice In Lotus Sūtra’s Medicine King Bodhisattva’s Chapter 法华经药王菩萨本事品之净土行

Pure Land Practice In Lotus Sūtra’s Medicine King Bodhisattva’s Chapter


Constellation King Flower! If there are humans, those who hear this Medicine King Bodhisattva’s Past Matters’ Chapter, they will likewise attain immeasurable and boundless meritorious virtues.


If there are women hearing this Medicine King Bodhisattva’s Past Matters’ Chapter, those able to accept and uphold it, at the end of this female body, will later not again receive it.


If after the Thus Come One’s Parinirvāṇa, within the later five hundred years, if there are wo/men, who hear this sūtra, as said cultivate practice, when at this life’s end, they will immediately go towards the Land Of Ultimate Bliss, with Amitābha Buddha and his Great Bodhisattvas’ assembly surrounding their dwelling places, with births within lotus flowers, on treasure seats above, not again by greedy desires those afflicted, likewise not by anger and ignorance those afflicted, likewise not by arrogance, jealousy and all defilements those afflicted, attaining Bodhisattvas’ supernormal powers and Non-Arising Of Dharmas’ Forbearance.


Attaining this forbearance already, with eye roots clear and pure, with these clear and pure eye roots, seeing seven million two thousand koṭis of nayutas’ Ganges river’s sands’ equal number of all Buddha Thus Come Ones.


Śākyamuni Buddha
Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sūtra’s 23rd Chapter On Medicine King Bodhisattva’s Past Matters

Note: Note that the easiest way to reach Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land is direct mindfulness of his name (Āmítuófó) with deep Faith (深信) and sincere Aspiration (切愿). This teaching reminds us of the centrality of focus upon reaching Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land, via one means or another.

Namo Amituofo : Translation and note by Shen Shi’an

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