Simplified Guidance For The Very Sick In Two Parts 给予病重者之二分简易开示

Simplified Guidance For The Very Sick In Two Parts

Ten Reflections When Very Sick

[1] We all have to depart from this life.

[2] We either depart, knowing in advance or not.

[3] It is better to know in advance, so that we can be prepared.

[4] There are two ways to know in advance –
(a) By knowing that as we are very sick, it could be a matter of time soon.
(b) By practising sincere Niànfó (念佛) so well, that we can decide when to depart, whether sick or not (预知时至).

[5] As most of us will naturally depart with sickness, we should accept the first possibility.

[6] Even when very sick, we can use it to motivate us to Niànfó even more sincerely, to reach Āmítuófó’s (阿弥陀佛) Western Pure Land (净土) Of Ultimate Bliss (西方极乐世界) blissfully. (Āmítuófó’s name at can be played as a guide.)

[7] Since very sick, we should focus only on sincere Niànfó to reach Pure Land.

[8] Sincere Niànfó always works for healing of sickness (病愈) and extending of life (延寿).

[9] With sincere Niànfó, if healing of sickness and extending of life are no longer possible here, there will however be lasting healing (痊愈) and immeasurable life (无量寿) when Pure Land is reached, which is infinitely better than having limited healing and extending of life here.

[10] If we Niànfó sincerely, we can all reach Pure Land, one after another, to reunite there with ultimate bliss. This is the most wonderful thing we can do for ourselves and others. As countless in ancient and modern times have reached Pure Land already, we can also do so with sincere Niànfó.

Brief Introduction To Niànfó Practice (For The Sick And Well)

[1] Practise as much sincere Niànfó (念佛) as you can daily, for as long as possible, resting naturally when tired. For example, upon freshening up in the morning, in the middle of the day, before going to sleep at night, and if restless. There can be Niànfó till there is falling asleep naturally too.

[2] If there is any discomfort or pain, just Niànfó as sincerely as you can, verbally or in your mind, following a Niànfó device playing if wished, or the Āmítuófó (阿弥陀佛) track at

[3] Having already taken reasonable care of the body medically, do not think about any discomfort or pain when it arises. Let go of the body. With wholehearted (i.e. sincere) chanting, and wholehearted listening to your chanting, with word after word, and line after line clear, there will be connection to Āmítuófó. (Only having wholehearted listening to the chanting is also Niànfó.) The pain will dissolve and disappear. With even more sincere Niànfó, there will even be bliss from Āmítuófó’s blessings.

[4] When there are stray thoughts (杂念) like pointless worries, just return to Niànfó immediately. The more quickly this is done, the less stray thoughts there will be, along with more peace.

[5] When with whoever or whatever you might see or hear, that might seem unusual, just close your eyes and Niànfó in your mind sincerely. Never listen to or follow anyone who is not Āmítuófó. If uncertain, just Niànfó sincerely for instant protection. Anyone who has bad intentions will go away when there is sincere Niànfó.

[One who is agreeable to the above, who practises along, is one who has the essence of the Three Provisions (三资粮), which are Faith (信), Aspiration (愿) and Practice (行), for reaching Pure Land. According to the individual’s conditions, there might be more regular guidance and support-chanting (助念) needed, with the first to offer reminders, and the latter to encourage Niànfó. There should be asking if there are any doubts to clear too, so as to deepen Faith and increase sincere Aspiration for diligent Practice.]

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