[9] Ninth, [10] Tenth, [11] Eleventh Essay On Practices’ Dharma Door 修持法门九、十、十一

[9] Ninth [Essay On] Practices’ Dharma Door

[(With) Purification Precepts Pure Already…]


[With] Purification Precepts pure already, [with the] clear mind quietly contemplate. Facing [the] West peacefully seated, close [the] eyes [in] silence, [and] contemplate Amitā[bha] Buddha’s true [purple-]gold-coloured [i.e. 紫金色] body, in [a] Western [Pure Land’s] seven treasures’ pond within, [on a] great lotus flower above seated.


His body’s height [is one] zhàng [and] six [chǐs, with his] two brows between [and] upwards, having white hair [i.e. ūrṇā] [of] one strand, [to the] eight ‘corners’ [i.e. four cardinal and four intermediate directions] [in the] middle [of] space, [to the] right twirling, turning five rounds, [with] bright light illuminating [his] gold-coloured face and gold-coloured body.

[Note 1: With one zhàng being 170 centimetres, and one chǐ being 17 centimetres, the image was 2.72 metres tall, which is said to be the height of the Buddha in our world, as calculated in this ‘link‘.]


Next, stop [the] mind [with] focused contemplation of [his] white hair. Further, [there] must not [be] falsely having [the] slightest [of] other thoughts. When causing closing [of the] eyes [and] opening [of the] eyes, [with] all seeing it, because desiring [to, from] thought [to] thought, not forget [it]. Like this [for] long, [with] mindfulness [of the] mind matured, naturally [with] connection [and] response, seeing [the] Buddha’s complete body.


This Dharma [is the] most supreme, [as it is] said [that] when [the] mind contemplates [the] Buddha, this mind then is [the] Buddha, also surpassing of verbal recitation, after death, definitely [with the] High Grade’s High Birth.

[Note 2: However, as Pure Land Patriarchs warn, as most beings’ minds are too coarse for refined contemplation of pure forms, the safest and most efficacious method of practice for most is verbal (or silent) recitation, (especially in this Dharma-Ending Age). With the criteria met, as can be seen at, there will be the High Grade’s High Birth.]


[In the] Táng [Dynasty, there were] Fānghé [and] Yuánguǒ, [these] two persons, having [this] contemplation method, [whom] only [in] five months, personally felt [their] bodies reach [the] Pure Land, [to] see [the] Buddha [and] hear [the] Dharma. [This is] recorded in [the] Fifth Scroll. That so-called Sixteen Contemplations’ Sūtra, detailedly speaks [of] all contemplation methods, also not stopping [at] this only.

[Note 3: The Contemplation Sūtra can be seen at However, do note Note 2 above.]

[10] Tenth [Essay On] Practices’ Dharma Door

[Contemplate Amitā(bha) Buddha’s Body (To Be) Extremely Tall, Reaching [To The] Sky…]


Contemplate Amitā[bha] Buddha’s body [to be] extremely tall, reaching [to the] sky, [with] that sat lotus flower, likewise matching each other. And [have] focused contemplation [of the] white hair between [his] brows, one [after] another, like [in the] previous essay, [with] those said methods.


This method [is the] most supreme, with [the] mind, when contemplating [the] Buddha, this mind then is [the] Buddha. [As] this contemplation [is] extremely great, then [is] this good thought extremely great thus.


If yet able [to practise] like this, also contemplating [a] small image, [this] likewise can [be done], only needing [to have] focused diligence, [that] must not [be] scattered [and] confused.


According [to the] Contemplation Sūtra, [it] says, ‘Contemplate Amitā[bha] Buddha’s body’s form’s bright light, [to be] like [a] thousand million koṭis [of] Jāmbūnada’s golden colours, [with the] Buddha’s body’s height [of] six hundred koṭis [of] nayutas [of] Ganges River’s sands [of] yojanas, [with the] white hair between [the] brows like five Sumeru mountains, [and the] Buddha’s eyes like [the] four great oceans’ water, [with the] blue [and] white distinct [and] clear, [with] unconditioned loving-kindness gathering [and] receiving sentient beings.’

[Note 4: One koṭi is 10 million.]


Those Jāmbūnada’s golden [colours, are] gold of extreme greatness [and] extreme beauty. That nayuta, [is] ten thousand koṭis. That yojana, [is] sixty lǐs. According [to] this, [of] that said, how can [it be] exhausted completely? [Of] only one Ganges River’s sands’ [number of] yojanas, its greatness [is] already unspeakable, moreover [of] six hundred thousand koṭis of ten thousand koṭis [of] Ganges River’s sands’ [number of] yojanas?

[Note 5: As one lǐ is 500 metres, sixty lǐs is 30 kilometres.]

[11] Eleventh [Essay On] Practices’ Dharma Door

[Simultaneously Contemplate Contemplator (Of The) World’s Sounds Bodhisattva…]


Simultaneously contemplate Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds Bodhisattva, [whose] body’s height [is] eight hundred thousand koṭis’ nayutas [of] yojanas, [whose] body [is] purple-gold [in] colour, [with a] hand’s palm creating five hundred koṭis [of] various lotus flowers’ colours, having eighty-four thousand lights, [with] these lights gentle [and] soft, [with] this treasure hand receiving [and] guiding sentient beings.


Next contemplate Great Power Arrived Bodhisattva, [whose] body’s height [is] eight hundred thousand koṭis’ nayutas [of] yojanas, [whose] entire body’s light creates purple-gold’s colour, [with] sentient beings having affinity all attaining sight [of him].


Next contemplate one’s body born [in the] Western Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, in [a] lotus flower within, forming crossed legs [in the] lotus posture’s seat, having [the] lotus flower closing contemplated, [and its] blossoming contemplated, seeing [the] Buddha [and] Bodhisattvas filling [the] empty sky within.


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Fourth Scroll: Fifteen Essays [On] Practices’ Dharma Doors

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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