Verses On Moving Forward 往前偈


韦提希问:「我宿何罪,   生此恶子?」,佛无回覆。
求哀忏悔:「为我广说,   无忧恼处。」,即现净土。
今生苦果,   前因自有,    不必追问,       喊冤造殃。
信愿念佛,「乐生极乐」,断诸忧恼,       永得安养。

Verses On Moving Forward

When Vaidehī asked, ‘I in the past, created what transgression, to give birth to this evil son?’, the Buddha was without reply.

When seeking pity with repentance, to ‘for me extensively speak of where is without worries and afflictions’, he immediately manifested Pure Lands.

This present life’s suffering’s effects, naturally have past causes, with no need to pursue in asking, cry with grievances, and create new misfortune.

With Faith and Aspiration mindful of Buddha, with ‘joy for birth in that Land Of Ultimate Bliss’, sever all worries and afflictions, and eternally attain peaceful nurturing.

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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