[06] The Sixth Great Vow: Requesting Turning Of The Dharma Wheel (Of Universal Virtue Bodhisattva’s Practices’ And Vows’ Chapter)《普贤菩萨行愿品》第六大愿:请转法轮

[06] [The Sixth Great Vow: Requesting Turning (Of The) Dharma Wheel]


Furthermore, good man, speaking [of] that, [of] requesting turning [of the] Dharma wheel, [of] all exhausting [the] Dharma Realm’s empty space’s realms, [in the] ten directions’ three periods’ all Buddha lands’ extremely fine dust [motes] within, each [and every] one has unspeakably unspeakable Buddha lands’ extremely fine dust [motes’] number [of] vast [and] great Buddha lands. [In] each [and every] one land within, [from] thought [to] thought having unspeakably unspeakable Buddha lands’ extremely fine dust [motes’] number [of] all Buddhas accomplishing Equal [And] Right Awakening, [with] all Bodhisattvas’ ocean[-wide] assemblies surrounding. Yet, I [will] all, with body, speech [and] mind karmas’ all kinds [of] skilful means, attentively [and] diligently request [them to] turn [the] wonderful Dharma wheel.    


Thus [with] empty space’s realms exhausted, sentient beings’ realms exhausted, sentient beings’ karmas exhausted, sentient beings’ afflictions exhausted, I [will] constantly request all Buddhas [to] turn [the] right Dharma wheel, not having [a] complete end. [With] thought [to] thought [in] continuous succession, not having interruption. [With] body, speech [and] mind karmas, not having weariness.

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