[16.3] The Sixteenth Contemplation: Low Grade’s Births’ Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra): The Low Grade’s Low Births《观经》第十六观:下辈生想:下品下生

[16.3] [The Low Grade’s Low Births]


[The] Buddha told Ānanda and Vaidehi, ‘[For] those [of] Low Grade’s Low Births, perhaps are sentient beings, [who] did unvirtuous karmas, [the] Five Heinous [Transgressions and the] Ten Evil [Karmas], complete [with] all [of the] unvirtuous. These such foolish persons, with evil karma thus, should fall [into] evil paths, passing through many kalpas, [to] receive suffering without end.


These such foolish persons, when approaching [their] lives’ end, meet good-knowing friends, [offering] all kinds [of] comfort, for [them] speaking [the] wonderful Dharma, teaching [to] enable [them to be] mindful [of the] Buddha. [If] those persons, [by] suffering bothered, have no time [to be] mindful [of the] Buddha, [a] good friend says [these] words, “If you [are] those not able [to be] mindful [of] that Buddha, [you] should recite ‘Immeasurable Life Buddha’. Thus [with the] sincere mind, enable [its] sound [to] not end, [to] complete ten thoughts, reciting ‘Námó Amitā[bha/yus] Buddha’ [i.e. Námó Āmítuófó].”


Reciting [the] Buddha’s name thus, in thought [to] thought within, eliminating eighty koṭis’ kalpas’ transgressions of births [and] deaths. When [their] lives [are] ending, [they will] see golden lotus flowers, similar to [the] sun disc, abiding before these persons. [As] if [in] one thought moment, [they will] immediately attain rebirth [in the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss.


In lotus flowers within, completing twelve great kalpas, [the] lotus flowers then blossom. Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds [and] Great Power Arrived, with great compassionate voices, [will] for them extensively speak [of] all dharmas’ true form, eliminating transgressive dharmas. [Having] heard [this] already, [with] joy, immediately then giving rise [to the] Bodhi Mind. [These] are named [as] those [with] Low Grade’s Low Births.


[This] is named [the] Low Grade’s Births’ Contemplation, named [the] Sixteenth Contemplation.’

[17] [Attainment (Of) Benefits’ Section]


When speaking these words, Vaidehī with [her] five hundred maids, [having] heard that [the] Buddha said, immediately then saw [the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss’ vastness [and] lengths of [its] forms, attaining sight [of the] Buddha’s body and [the] two Bodhisattvas. [Their] minds gave rise [to] joy, praising [that] never before had. Suddenly opening [to] understanding [with] great awakening, reaching Non-Arising’s Forbearance. [The] five hundred maids gave rise [to] Anuttara Samyak Saṃbodhi’s mind, [and] aspired [to be] born [in] that land. [The] World-Honoured [One] predicted [that] all will [be] reborn [there. When] born [in] that land already, [they will] obtain Samādhi [Of] All Buddhas Manifesting [In The] Present. Immeasurably many heavenly [beings] gave rise [to the] unsurpassable path’s mind.

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