[15.2] The Fifteenth Contemplation: Middle Grade’s Births’ Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra): The Middle Grade’s Middle Births《观经》第十五观:中辈生想:中品中生

[15.2] [The Middle Grade’s Middle Births]


[For] those [of] Middle Grade’s Middle Births, if [there] are sentient beings, if [for] one day [and] one night, uphold [the] Eight Precepts [for] purification, if [for] one day [and] one night, uphold [the] Śrāmaṇera Precepts, if [for] one day [and] one night, uphold [the] Complete Precepts, [with] majestic conduct without lack. With these meritorious virtues, dedicating [with the] aspiration [of] seeking birth [in the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss.


[With the] precepts’ fragrance perfuming cultivation thus, these practitioners, when [their] lives almost end, [will] see Amitā[bha] Buddha, with many family members, emitting golden coloured light, holding [a] seven treasures’ lotus flower, arriving before [these] practitioners. [These] practitioners [will] personally hear [a] voice within [the] sky, praising [by] saying, “Good man, [as] you [are a] good person, [who] accordingly follow [the] three periods’ all Buddhas’ teachings thus, I [have] come [to] welcome you.”


[These] practitioners [will] personally see [themselves] seated [on] lotus flowers above, [with the] lotus flowers immediately closing, [for] birth in [the] Western Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss.


In [the] treasure ponds within, [with] passing of seven days, [the] lotus flowers then blossom. [With the] flowers blossomed already, [they will] open [their] eyes, [and with] joined palms, highly praise [the] World-Honoured [One]. Hearing [the] Dharma [with] joy, attaining [as] Srotāpannas.


Passing half [a] kalpa already, accomplishing [as] Arhats. [These] are named [as] those [with] Middle Grade’s Middle Births.

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