[26] Twenty-Sixth Chapter On The Position Of One Life To Replacement (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》一生补处第廿六

Twenty-Sixth [Chapter On The] Position [Of] One Life [To] Replacement


The Buddha told Ānanda, ‘That land’s Bodhisattvas, all will ultimately [attain the] Position [Of] One Life [To] Replacement. Excluded [are] those [with] fundamental vows, for sentient beings thus, with great vows’ meritorious virtues, then self-adorning, universally desiring [to] deliver [and] liberate all sentient beings.


Ānanda, within that Buddha land, all Voice-Hearer assemblies, [have] bodily light [of] one xún. Bodhisattvas’ bright lights, illuminate [a] hundred yojanās. [There] are two Bodhisattvas, [as the] most honoured [and] foremost, [with] majestic supernormal bright lights, [that] universally illuminate three-thousandfold great-thousandfold worlds.’


Ānanda said [to the] Buddha, ‘[Of] those two Bodhisattvas, what [are] their names?’


[The] Buddha said, ‘[The] first [is] named Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds, [and the] second [is] named Great Power Arrived. These two Bodhisattvas, in this land, cultivated Bodhisattva practices, [and when their] lives ended, transformed [to be] born [in] that Buddha land.


Ānanda, there are sentient beings, those born [in] that land, all complete [with the] thirty-two forms, [with] wisdom accomplished fully, [who] deeply enter all Dharma [teachings], fully [and] fluently expressing [their] essence [and] wonders, [with] supernormal powers unobstructed, all roots brilliant [and] sharp. Those [with] dull roots, accomplish [the] two forbearances. Those [with] sharp roots, attain [the] incalculable Non-Arising [Of] Dharmas’ Forbearance.


Moreover, those Bodhisattvas, and even [until] accomplishing Buddhahood, [will] not receive [rebirth in] evil realms. [With] supernormal powers [and] ease, constantly knowing past lives. Excluded [are those] born [in] other directions’ [worlds with the] Five Defilements [in] Evil Periods, [who] manifest [to be the] same [as] those [there], such [as in] my land.’

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