Verses On Supporting The Deceased 助亡者偈

Verses On Supporting The Deceased


Not touching the deceased [physically],
one is then without bodily pain.
Not disturbing the deceased [emotionally],
one is then with less mental suffering.

Note 1: Both the dying and recently deceased should not be touched or moved. Due to the consciousness’ habitual attachment to the body, there will be magnified pain due to increased sensitivity. As death is ‘detachment’ of the consciousness from the body, the consciousness upon death, if not ‘touched’ through the body, is already free from pre-existing bodily pain. There should be avoiding of crying and other emotional expressions too, so as to not disturb the consciousness, by stirring up delusional attachment and aversion.


With physical sicknesses already ended,
mental sicknesses [linked to the brain], 
are ended and the mind is clearer,
with karmic and habitual forces remaining.

Note 2: As most mental sicknesses are linked to malfunctions in the brain, when the consciousness detaches from it, they cease functioning, and the consciousness returns to the clearer state before having mental sicknesses, including dementia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and such. What remains are karmic and habitual forces, which can be guided to be reshaped as follows.


Continue offering guidance,
with additional support-chanting,
to encourage Faith, Aspiration and Practice,
to swiftly connect to Āmítuófó, for going to his Pure Land.

Note 3: Just as there was offering of guidance and support-chanting before death, in the dying phase, it should all the more continue after death, when there are the advantages above, of absent physical pain, less mental suffering and clearer consciousness. Especially for those who died with mental sicknesses, this is crucial – to urge definitive giving rise of the Three Provisions to connect to Āmítuófó, to be received and guided to his Pure Land, where there will only be total physical and mental well-being, with no more sicknesses and death.

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