Amitā Drum Sound King Dhāraṇī Sūtra《阿弥陀鼓音声王陀罗尼经》

Amitā Drum Sound King Dhāraṇī Sūtra
(Aparimitāyurjñānahṛdayadhāraṇī Sūtra)

[With] Translator’s Name Lost, Now Appended [To Be In The] Liáng [Dynasty] Recorded


Thus is [as] I [have] heard. [At] one time, [the] Buddha [was] at Campā’s great city’s Ganges’ pond, with [the] Great Bhikṣu assembly [of] five hundred persons together.


At that time, [the] World-Honoured [One] [i.e. Śākyamuni Buddha (释迦牟尼佛)] told all [the] Bhikṣus, ‘Now, [I] will for you, speak [of the] Western Land [Of] Peace [And] Bliss, [which] now has [a] Buddha, named Amitā[bha/yus] [无量(光/寿)].


If [there] are [those of the] four[fold] assembly [of monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen, who are] able [to] rightly receive [and] uphold that Buddha’s name [i.e. Āmítuófó: 阿弥陀佛], with these meritorious virtues, when approaching, almost [at life’s] end, Amitā Buddha [will] immediately, with [his] great assembly, go [towards] where these persons [are, to] enable them [to] attain sight [of them].


[When] seen already, [they will] swiftly [be] born [there with] celebratory joy, [with] many more times [of] meritorious virtues. With these cause [and] conditions, of that place of birth, [they will] forever depart [from] forms [of] wombs [and] defiled desires, [to] purely dwell [in] fresh [and] wonderful treasure lotus flowers within, naturally transforming [to be] born, complete [with] great supernormal [powers, and] bright light [that is] radiant [and] abundant.


At that time, [the] ten directions’ Ganges’ sands’ [of] all Buddhas, all together praised that Land [Of] Peace [And] Bliss, “All Buddhas’ Dharma [teachings are] inconceivable, supernormal [powers’] manifestations [and] transformations, [and] all kinds [of] skilful means [are] inconceivable. If [there] are [those] able [to have] faith [in] such matters, [it] should [be] known [that] these persons [are] inconceivable, whose attained karmic rewards likewise [are] inconceivable.


Amitā Buddha [is] with Voice-Hearers together. [Of the] Thus Come [One, who] Should [Be Offered, the] Right All-Knowing [One], his land [was] named Pure Greatness. Where [the] Noble King abided, his city [had] length [and] breadth [of] ten thousand yojanas, within filled full [with] kinds of kṣatriyas.


Amitā Buddha Thus Come [One, who] Should [Be Offered, the] Right All-Knowing [One’s] father [was] named Moon Superior, [the] Wheel-Turning Noble King. His mother [was] named Excellent [And] Wonderful Complexion. [His] son [was] named Moon Brightness. [His] attendant disciple [was] named Undefiled Name. [His] wise[st] disciple [was] named Virtuous Light. [His disciple with] supernormal feet [and] focused diligence [was] named Great Manifestation. At that time, [the] Demon King [was] named Unsurpassable. [There] was [a] Devadatta, named Tranquillity. Amitā Buddha [was] with Great Bhikṣus [of] sixty thousand persons together.


If [there] are [those who] receive [and] uphold that Buddha’s name, [with] firmness [of] their minds, recollecting mindfully [and] not forgetting [it, for] ten days [and] ten nights eradicating [and] abandoning scatteredness [and] confusion, [with] focused diligence cultivating [and] gathering [the] Samādhi [From] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha, knowing that Thus Come [One], constantly abiding in [his] Land [Of] Peace [And] Bliss, recollecting mindfully [in] continuous succession, not enabling [it be] severed, receiving, upholding, studying [and] reciting this Amitā Drum Sound King Dhāraṇī, [for] ten days [and] ten nights, [in the] six periods [with] focused mindfulness, [with] five [parts of the] body thrown [to the] ground, prostrating reverently [to] that Buddha, [with] firm [and] right mindfulness all eradicating scatteredness [and] confusion, if able [to] enable [their] minds [thus, from] thought [to] thought not ending, within ten days, [they will] definitely attain sight [of] that Amitā Buddha, also seeing [the] ten directions’ lands’ Thus Come [Ones] and their abiding places. Only excluded [are] persons of heavy obstacles [and] dull roots, since [with] less time, who [are] not able [to] see [them].


[With] all good all dedicating, aspiring [to] attain rebirth [in his] Land [Of] Peace [And] Bliss, [on the] day of approaching [life’s] end, Amitā Buddha with all [in his] great assembly, [will] manifest before these persons [to] comfort [and] praise [their] good, [with] these persons immediately [and] definitely born [there with] celebratory joy. With these cause [and] conditions, like that as aspired, [they will] swiftly attain rebirth [there].’


[The] Buddha told all [the] Bhikṣus, ‘What [is that] named as Amitā Drum Sound King Dhāraṇī? [As] I now will speak [of it], you [and] others [should] listen well.’


‘It is so, [that we will] receive [the] teaching.’


At that time, [the] World-Honoured One immediately spoke [the] mantra:

「多狄他 (一) 婆离 (二) 阿婆离 (三) 娑摩婆罗 (四) 尼地奢 (五) 昵闍多祢 (六) 昵茂邸 (七) 昵茂企 (八) 闍罗婆罗车驮祢 (九) 宿佉波啼呢地奢 (十) 阿弥多由婆离 (十一) 阿弥多蛇伽婆昵呵隶 (十二) 阿弥多蛇波罗娑陀祢 (十三) 涅浮提 (十四) 阿迦舍昵浮陀 (十五) 阿迦舍昵提奢 (十六) 阿迦舍昵闍啼 (十七) 阿迦舍久舍离 (十八) 阿迦舍达奢尼 (十九) 阿迦舍提咃祢 (二十) 留波昵提奢 (二十一) 噜跛坦泥势 (二十二) 遮埵唎达摩波罗娑阿祢 (二十三) 遮唾唎阿利蛇娑帝蛇波罗娑陀祢 (二十四) 遮埵唎末伽婆那波罗娑陀祢 (二十五) 婆罗毗梨耶波罗娑陀祢 (二十六) 达摩呻他祢 (二十七) 久舍离 (二十八) 久舍罗昵提奢 (二十九) 久奢罗波罗啼咃祢 (三十) 佛陀久奢离 (三十一) 毗佛陀波罗波斯 (三十二) 达摩迦罗祢 (三十三) 昵专啼 (三十四) 昵浮提 (三十五) 毗摩离 (三十六) 毗羅闍 (三十七) 羅闍 (三十八) 罗斯 (三十九) 罗娑岐 (四十) 罗娑伽罗婆离 (四十一) 罗娑伽罗阿地咃祢 (四十二) 久舍离 (四十三) 波罗啼久舍离 (四十四) 毗久舍离 (四十五) 咃啼 (四十六) 修陀多至啼 (四十七) 修波罗舍多至啼 (四十八) 修波罗啼痴啼 (四十九) 修离 (五十) 修目企 (五十一) 达咩 (五十二) 达达啼 (五十三) 离婆 (五十四) 遮婆离 (五十五) 阿[少/兔]舍婆离 (五十六) 佛陀迦舍昵裘祢佛陀迦舍裘祢 (五十七) 沙婆呵 (五十八)。

‘Duō dí tā (1) pó lí (2) āpó lí (3) suō mó póluó (4) ní de shē (5) nì dū duō mí (6) nì mào dǐ (7) nì mào qǐ (8) dū luō póluó chē tuó mí (9) sù qū bō tí ne de shē (10) ēmí duō yóu pó lí (11) ēmí duō shé jiā pó nì hē lì (12) ēmí duō shé bō luó suō tuó mí (13) niè fú tí (14) ā jiā shě nì fú tuó (15) ā jiā shě nì tí shē (16) ā jiā shě nì dū tí (17) ā jiā shě jiǔ shě lí (18) ā jiā shě dá shē ní (19) ā jiā shě tí tuō mí (20) liú bō nì tí shē (21) lū bǒ tǎn ní shì (22) zhē duǒ lì dá mó bō luó suō ā mí (23) zhē tuò lì ālì shé suō dì shé bō luó suō tuó mí (24) zhē duǒ lì mò jiā pó nàbō luó suō tuó mí (25) póluó pí lí yé bō luó suō tuó mí (26) dá mó shēn tā mí (27) jiǔ shě lí (28) jiǔ shě luō nì tí shē (29) jiǔ shē luō bō luó tí tuō mí (30) fótuó jiǔ shē lí (31) pí fótuó bō luó bōsī (32) dá mó jiā luō mí (33) nì zhuān tí (34) nì fú tí (35) pí mó lí (36) pí luó dū (37) luó dū (38) luósī (36) luōsuōqí (40) luō suō jiā luō pó lí (41) luō suō jiā luō ā dì tuō mí (42) jiǔ shě lí (43) bō luó tí jiǔ shě lí (44) pí jiǔ shě lí (45) tuō tí (46) xiū tuó duō zhì tí (47) xiū bō luó shě duō zhì tí (48) xiū bō luó tí chī tí (49) xiū lí (50) xiū mù qǐ (51) dá miē (52) dá dá tí (53) lí pó (54) zhē pó lí (55) ā nóu shě pó lí (56) fótuó jiā shě nì qiú mí fótuó jiā shě qiú mí (57) shā pó hē (58). 


This is [the] Amitā Drum Sound King Dhāraṇī. If [there] are Bhikṣus, Bhikṣuṇīs, purely faithful laymen [and] laywomen, [they] should constantly, [with] utmost sincerity receive, uphold, study [and] recite [it], as said cultivate practice, practising [with] this upheld Dharma.


When dwelling [with] free [time in] tranquillity, bathing their bodies, wearing new [and] pure clothing, drinking [and] eating [as] pure veg[etari]ans, not tasting alcohol, meat and [the] five pungent [roots], constantly cultivate pure practices. With good fragrant flowers, make offerings [to] Amitā Thus Come [One], and [the] Buddha’s place [for realising the] path’s great Bodhisattva assembly.


[They] should constantly [have] such focused minds [with] continual mindfulness, giving rise [to the] aspiration [to] seek birth [in his] Land [Of] Peace [And] Bliss, [with] focused diligence not lazy. Like that as aspired, [they will] definitely attain rebirth in that Buddha’s land.


Then, Amitā Buddha with all [in the] great assembly [were] seated [in] treasure lotus flowers, [in] his land [with] forests [of] flowers [and] fruits freshly spread out, alternating in between [as] adornments, also having [the] Tree King, [with] fragrant breezes, [with] fragrances fanning out harmonious [and] elegant sounds, [that] purely speak [the] unsurpassable [and] inconceivable Dharma, also having wonderful incenses named Bright Light, [with a] certain number [of] anointing incenses, [which] likewise are treasure incenses.


Amitā Buddha in [a] great treasure flower [with] crossed legs [in the] lotus posture sits. [There] are two Bodhisattvas, [with the] first named Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds, [and the] second named Great Power Arrived, [with] these two Bodhisattvas attending, standing by [his] left [and] right, [with] innumerable Bodhisattvas surrounding.


Within this assembly, if [there are] those able [to have] profound faith without doubt, [they will] definitely attain rebirth [in] Amitā Land. Its ground [is of] true gold, [with] seven treasures’ lotus flowers naturally leaping out.


If [there] are [the] four assemblies, [who] receive, uphold, study [and] recite that Buddha’s name, [they will] even [be] without fears of waters, fires, poisons, knives [and] staves, likewise without having yakṣas [and] others [to] fear, eradicating existing faults, past heavy transgressions [and] karmic obstacles, [with the] utmost until [their] seventh life, definitely attaining that aspired [for].’


When [the] Buddha spoke this Amitā Drum Sound King Dhāraṇī, immeasurable sentient beings all gave rise [to the] aspiration, [with] determination [to] seek birth [in] that Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss.


At that time, [the] World-Honoured [One] praised [and] said, ‘Excellent, excellent! Like that you aspired [for, you will] definitely attain birth there.’


[Having] heard [that the] Buddha said already, [the] heavenly [beings’ and] dragons’ eight divisions, [with] joy [and] enthusiasm, paid homage [and] practised [accordingly].

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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