Mindfulness Of Buddha Connects To Him, Enabling The Mind To Not Be Scattered 念佛感佛令心不乱

Today, the 5th day of the 2nd lunar month, is Great Master Xuánzàng’s departure day.

得闻… 无量寿佛无量无边不可思议功德名号【阿弥陀佛】… 系念不乱… 临命终时,无量寿佛与其无量声闻弟子菩萨众俱,前后围绕来住其前,慈悲加祐,令心不乱。既舍命已,随佛众会,生无量寿极乐世界清净佛土。


Attaining hearing… of Immeasurable Life Buddha’s name’s [i.e. Āmítuófó] immeasurable, boundless and inconceivable meritorious virtues… and connectedly [i.e. continually] mindful of it without being scattered.., when approaching the end of life, Immeasurable Life Buddha and his assembly of immeasurable Śrāvaka disciples and Bodhisattvas together, from the front and behind surrounding, will come to abide before them, with loving-kindness and compassion blessing and protecting, enabling their minds to not be scattered. Then, having renounced their lives already, they will follow the Buddha’s congregation, to be born with immeasurable life in the Land Of Ultimate Bliss’ pure Buddha land.

Śākyamuni Buddha:
Sūtra Of Praises Of Pure Land With Buddhas’ Gathering And Reception
(Translated By Great Master Xuánzàng)

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