Why Abstain From Killing Lives & Meat-Eating? 为何戒杀生食肉?


Extreme [indeed, the] circumstances of killing lives [and] meat-eating [are] tragic, and [their] handed down disasters [are] deep [and] far-reaching.


Humans and all animals, similarly receive [the] heaven’s [and] earth’s nourishment [and] nurturing, so as to grow.


Similarly endowed [with] bodies of blood [and] flesh. Similarly having [the] nature of spiritual knowing.


Similarly knowing [to have] greed [for] life [and] fear [of] death, [to] approach [the] auspicious [and] avoid [the] inauspicious.


[With] family members reunited thus joyful, [when] departed [and] scattered thus sorrowful.


[When] receiving kindness thus grateful, [when] given suffering thus harbouring enmity.


Each and every one [are] all [the] same. [Presently] without choice, all animals with [their] past evil karma’s power, [were] led [to] fall [to be different] types [of] animals.


[With] shapes [and] bodies not the same, [with their] mouths not able [to] speak [to us of their suffering].


Humans should empathise [with] their fall [to be animals], so that they each attain their places [to live peacefully].


How [can one] bear [to], with [their] forms different [and] intelligence inferior, seeing [them] as food materials, with one’s power of intelligence [and] financial ability, [use] nets [to] capture [them], enabling them [to] receive [the] extreme suffering of [being cut by] knives [on the] chopping board, [to be] burnt [and] cooked, so as to become ‘my’ momentary ‘joy’ [of] pleasurable taste, [to] fill [my] stomach?


[A] sūtra says, ‘[As of] all [sentient] beings [who] have life, [there are] none [who] do not love [their] lifespans, [with being] able [to] show mercy [to] oneself as [an] example, [extending this], do not kill [and] do not use staves [to beat others].’


Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Preface [For] Exhortation [To] Abstain [From] Killing, [And To] Liberate Lives)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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