Be Mindful Of Buddha For Ten Thoughts For Immediate Rebirth 十念佛当往生


That year’s (i.e. the 25th year of the People’s Republic [of China]) winter, [I] vomited blood greatly once. Then [was my] human life, which [was] only within breathing out [and] in!


However, examining my mind, [I was] first, not confused, second, not fearful, but felt [that with Amitā(bha)] Buddha’s [name: ‘Āmítuófó’] not yet mindful [of] well, as [being] regretful.


After recovering, with a Buddhist friend, [we] made a pilgrimage towards Jiāngzhè’s various mountains, [and] reached Sūzhōu [to pay respects to Great] Master [Yìnguāng], reporting [on my] mentality when critically ill.


[The] Master hearing of [this], loudly shouted, ‘You, if so thinking, [of the] Western [Pure Land, you], will not [be able to] go [there]! What is called [being] mindful well? [With] ten thoughts [of mindfulness [with profound Faith and sincere Aspiration, there will] immediately [be] rebirth [there].’


[With] understanding of [his] words clearly then, [I was] greatly moved [to] tears, [as the] Master [had] shattered away my self-created obstacle!


Due to this, [I] often give rise [to] self-confidence, [that] I [will] definitely [be] reborn [in the] Western [Pure Land], I [will] definitely not again [have] segmented births [and] deaths, I already am [a] Western [Pure Land’s] person.


Thereafter, [for] all done matters [and] thoughts arising, all [are] with Western [Pure Land’s] persons’ circumstances compared.


[Of] that land’s noble assembly, [do they] have these actions? [Do they] have these thoughts? [For] those not conforming, [I will] repent [to] rid [them], determined not [to, for such] slight matters, offer [any] shelter.


Layperson Wáng Huìcháng
(Collection [On] Eternal Reminiscences [Of] Great Master Yìnguāng)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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