[53] How I Used To See Shadow Beings

Hello Bro. Shi’an, I would like to share my experiences, which I had since childhood, before knowing about Buddhism and Nianfo practice (of mindfulness of the name of Amitabha Buddha – ‘Amituofo’). I was able to see supposedly unseen beings, as dark yet 3D (not 2D) human-shaped shadows. I was also able to feel their presence due to their energies. Sightings are mostly in the evenings or at night, but with energies felt in daytime too. This means they are always around.

One night at home, I saw one such shadow being at a corner of the living room’s ceiling, with a head, two arms and legs, in a crawling posture facing the ceiling. He was stationary for a moment, before crawling hurriedly across to the other end and disappearing. On another night, I saw one crawl indoors through the living room’s window, to run across the floor on all fours before disappearing.

Also, along the corridor from the living room to my bedroom, I always sensed an energy at the end. For most nights, I could feel but not see anyone. I would feel uncomfortable, with the hairs on my arms standing and my spine tingling. Encounters by sight and feeling were not only at home, but on roads and walkways, at playgrounds too.

As none of my family members had experiences like mine, I was troubled at times, unable to make sense of them, with no one I could reach for help. Somehow, these experiences became a norm to me, as I got used to them, though still uncomfortable and troubled.

About three years ago, I was introduced to your ‘Understanding Amituofo Via The Amitabha Sutra’ class by a Dharma sister. It was my first time learning about Amituofo and the Pure Land teachings. I was very impressed by how you presented the profound teachings in a very clear, simple, down to earth and close to the heart manner. Subsequently, I attended more of your classes and even repeated some. 

I also practise Nianfo through weekly Pureland Practice Fellowship sessions as regular as I can. Through Dharma learning and Nianfo practice, I became convinced of Karma (i.e. the law of moral cause and effect), rebirth in Samsara, Threefold Refuge, Amituofo’s Pure Land and many more essential subjects.

Since 3 years ago, till now, I no longer see any shadow beings, while energy encounters have reduced very significantly. I rarely feel them, other than during the seventh lunar month period, while walking along roads, as this is when there are many open offerings made to wandering spirits and ghosts. However, the uncomfortable feeling is not so intense now.

So, whenever I am walking, travelling or with pockets of free time, I will practise Nianfo. Doing so, not only will we be protected by all Buddhas, many Bodhisattvas and Dharma Protector gods, it is also a skilful means to guide other beings, as in my case, to also Nianfo, to see Amituofo, and to follow Amituofo to reach his Pure Land.

Last but not least, thank you Bro. Shi’an, for imparting the easy but powerful Pure Land teachings and its cultivation method, which has helped me and others in so many ways. Now I can finally complete my life’s puzzle, as I have found the missing piece – the Pure Land teachings.

Amituofo : EWee

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