[52] Amituofo’s Rescue From My Nightmare

A few months ago, I had a nightmare of being in a dark, vacant and eerie house. As it felt very haunted, I frantically tried to find my way out. But no matter where I went, I could not. Suddenly, I found myself in one of the bedrooms. Seeing the door across the room, I wanted to go towards it. Before I could take the first step, I realised that the floor was entirely filled with all kinds of countless snakes, in black, dark brown and red, slithering upon one another.

Further horrified, I panicked, at a loss on what to do. I thought there was no way to escape from this terrible place. Somehow, as I knew that it was a dream, I told myself that I had to wake up. No matter how hard I struggled, as I could not, my fear became more intense.

Suddenly, Amituofo crossed my mind. I knew then, that mindfulness of his name is the only way to be rescued. With this thought, I generated faith to wholeheartedly call out for his help. It did not matter then, whether I could wake up or not. What only mattered was to have great faith that Amituofo can rescue me. So with all my strength, I shouted aloud, ‘Amituofo! Amituofo! Amituofo!’

Immediately after the three shouts, I was surprised to find myself on the grass patch outside. As my back was facing the house, I curiously turned around, to see what the terrifying house was like. It looked really creepy, like those in Western horror movies.

A few seconds after I turned around to walk away, I woke up. The manner in which I woke up was calm and peaceful, not in a shocked and confused state of mind. This really surprised me a lot as that was usually how we would awake from nightmares.

Throughout the entire day, I felt immensely grateful to Amituofo, for rescuing me from my nightmare, who also comforted me with his blessings, such that I was able to wake up so calmly and peacefully. It was really an amazing and wonderful feeling.

This experience proved to me that not only does Amituofo protect us while we are awake, but even when we are asleep. He is always there for us. Most importantly, is to have wholehearted faith in Amituofo. As in my case, it was with faith that he will rescue me, that I could escape, and evenserenely awake. Thank you, Bro. Shi’an, as it was because of the Pure Land teachings that you imparted to us, which convinced me that Amituofo is always looking over us, 24/7.

Amituofo : EWee

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