How A ‘Father’ Can Directly Carry A Child Home 父如何直提子回家


‘The Dharma door of [the Practice of] mindfulness of [Amitabha] Buddha[‘s name – “Amituofo”], only [needs us] to be complete with true Faith and sincere Aspiration to, with utmost sincerity, be mindful of the Buddha. [Practising thus] up till when approaching the end of life, [one] most certainly will receive the Buddha’s kind reception and guidance, to be reborn in the Western [Pure Land]. As an analogy, like a small child, due to the parents’ carrying, immediately is able to directly reach [one’s] original home.


Recently, many people like to establish the different, not willing to put in earnest effort [to practise as above], thus are there those who learn from the Chan school [Chinese Zen], (Fa)xiang school [法相宗: Dharma Characteristics school; 瑜伽宗: Yogacara school; 唯识宗: Consciousness-Only school], Esoteric school [Vajrayana school]. These three Dharma doors, [though] are equally inconceivable, however, equally depend on Self-Power [or personal practice efforts without support of Other-Power available in the Pure Land school (if not linked at all)].


The Esoteric school, although with the means to, in this present body accomplish Buddhahood, yet those who in their present bodies accomplish so, are after all few. [This is] not to say that those who learn the Esoteric school, are not able to, in their present bodies accomplish Buddhahood. [However], even those who transmit the Esoteric school, the [so-called] “living Buddhas”, also are not those who, in their present lives accomplished Buddhahood [even if some might be manifestations].                  


You and others [should] be sure not to accord with these various Dharma doors’ knowledge to be transformed [to part from the Pure Land teachings], thus in this present life, then be able to exit from this [world with the] Five Defilements [of kalpa, views, afflictions, sentient beings and lifespans], step upon the other [shore’s] nine grades [of lotus births in Pure Land], as Amituofo’s disciples, to become the ocean-wide [lotus pond] assembly’s good [spiritual] friends!’

The 13th Patriarch of the Pure Land tradition Great Master Yinguang
Reply letter to Laymen Han Zongming and Zhang Zongshan


Although written before 1940, this letter is all the more relevant these days, with us being deeper into the Dharma-Ending Age, with more distractions and scatteredness leading us away from sincere Nianfo practice. The Pure Land path by itself is already the Easy Path, that needs not be made more difficult by complicating it.  

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