Why Must Our Self-Power Connect With Amituofo’s Other-Power? 为何我们的自力须要与阿弥陀佛的他力结合?


– 净土宗十三祖印光大师

‘Everyone must know this – relying on self-power for practice, of self, what kind of power is there? It is only [negative] karmic power from beginninglessness, [with limited positive or pure karma], therefore, for tens of thousands of kalpas’ thousands of lives, they are difficult to attain liberation from. Relying [also] on Amituofo’s [Amitabha Buddha] great vows’ great [other-]power, naturally, in one life, will [liberation] be accomplished.’

– Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yinguang
(Teaching at World Buddhist Lay Association)

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