How To Be Pure Land’s Honourable Guest 如何成极乐之嘉宾


Zhang Shanhe and Zhang Zhongkui [who had done great evil, but repented in time], when approaching the end of life with hell’s forms manifesting, recited [Amitabha] Buddha’s name [Amituofo] a number of times [with utmost sincerity], and immediately personally saw the Buddha come to receive and guide them to be reborn [in his Pure Land]. Such [great] benefits, [among Sakyamuni Buddha’s] one whole lifetime’s teachings, of hundreds of thousands of millions of [other] Dharma doors [of practice], [they are] without them.


I often say, that [if] the nine [dharma] realms’ sentient beings [who are hell-beings, hungry ghosts, animals, humans, asuras, gods, Arhats, Pratyekabuddhas and Bodhisattvas] depart from this [Pure Land] Dharma, for the highest goal, [they are] not able to completely accomplish the Buddha path, [and if] all Buddhas of the ten directions renounce this Dharma, for those below, [they] are not able to universally benefit most beings. This is the meaning of that said.


If able to have, for [liberation from] birth and death, a mind that is sincere, with [strong] faith attained, not giving rise to a thought with the mind of uncertainty, then even if yet to exit from the Saha World [of ‘Endurance’ of birth and death], [one] already is not the Saha World’s guest for long, [though] yet to be born in [the Land Of] Ultimate Bliss, [one] already is [the Land Of] Ultimate Bliss’ honourable guest, [who will definitely reach it].

The 13th Patriarch of the Pure Land tradition Great Master Yinguang
Second reply letter to Layman Deng Bocheng

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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