How To Use The Guiding (Hand)bell For Support-Chanting 如何用引磬助念

[1] Reference: The recommended tune for reciting Āmítuófó (阿弥陀佛) is at

[2] Tune: It has four words (四字) and four tones (四音), which is not too complex, and is easy to follow without being too flat and unpaced.

[3] Bell-Striking: When reciting, there is optional moderate striking of the bell, when reciting the word(s) ‘Ā’ (阿) and/or ‘Tuó’ (陀), for a clarifying wakeful effect.

[4] Synchronisation: As the track already includes soft bell-striking, there can be synchronised striking to amplify it.

[5] Speed: The recitation speed can be slightly slower than the track if not played as a guide.

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