[89] The Parable Of Getting A Golden Weasel From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之得金鼠狼喻

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[The] Sūtra [Of A] Hundred Parables

[89] Parable [Of] Getting [A] Golden Weasel


[In the] past, [there] was a person on [the] road then travelling. [In the] middle [of the] path, getting a gold weasel, [his] mind gave rise [to] joy. Holding [and] placing [it] within [his] embrace, [he] set off [on the] path and advanced. Reaching water, desiring [to] cross [it, he] took off [his] clothes [and] placed [them on the] ground. [In] a moment, [the] gold weasel changed [to] be [a] poisonous snake.


This person deeply contemplated, ‘Rather [to be] by [the] poisonous snake stung [and] killed, [I] should also embrace [it and] go.’


[With his] mind [utmost] sincere, secretly [having] connection, [it] returned [by] transforming [to] be gold. [A] nearby foolish person, seeing that poisonous snake changing [to] become true gold, thinking [it] is constantly thus, again obtained [the] poisonous snake, attached within [his] embrace. Then by [the] poisonous snake, [as] that stung, losing [his] body [and] dying.


[The] world’s foolish people [are] likewise thus, seeing [doing] good obtaining benefits, without [the] true [sincere] mind within, only for gains coming [to be] attached to [the] Dharma. After their lives end, falling into evil places, [they are] like [the person] catching [the] poisonous snake, by [it] stung, then dying.

[Note: (There should not be risking of precious life for worldly gains.) To truly have benefits, there must be doing of good, with good and sincere intentions to benefit others, with this creating good karmas (善业). Otherwise, even if a deed appeared good, but was done for selfish benefits, to the extent that there was greed, evil karmas (恶业) were created instead.]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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