The Principle Of Carrying Evil Karmas, Yet Being Able To Be Reborn In Pure Land 带恶业却能往生净土之理

[The] Principle [Of] Carrying Evil Karmas, Yet [Being] Able [To Be] Reborn [In] Pure Land


Carrying [evil] karmas [to be] reborn [in his Pure Land, with] complete reliance [on the] Buddha’s power, [is] analogous to having large boulders, [with] hundreds [of] thousands [of] ten thousand ones, [with] those desiring [to] cross [the] ocean, filling [them] on [a] big steamboat within. Then can [they] not sink, and [be] transported to another place.

[Note 1: Some Self-power (自力) is needed to connect to the Buddha’s Other-power (他力), with which the Buddha’s power (佛力) can ‘take over’ completely.

This Self-power is expressed with the accumulated Three Provisions (三资粮), of profound Faith (深信), sincere Aspiration (切愿) and true Practice (实行) of mindfulness of Buddha (念佛).]

[Note 2: There has to be a sense of sincere repentance, be it expressed formally (via recitation of the Repentance Verse《忏悔偈》) or not, for the Three Provisions to be able to arise.]

[Note 3: The evil karmas that are disabled for birth in Pure Land, thus carried to Pure Land will never ripen again there as there are no supportive conditions (助缘) for the ripening of evil karmas there.

Even upon re-entry into this world for delivering beings, with knowlege of one’s all past karmas created due to the supernormal power of remembering all past lives (宿命通), there can be avoidance of all past evil karmas’ supportive conditions, thus with none ripening.]


Otherwise, of sand picked with fingers [from the] earth, [they will] also then sink downwards.

[Note 4: If there are more evil karmas (恶业) than good karmas (善业), especially on the deathbed, without connection to the Buddha’s power, there will be falling into the three evil paths (三恶道). If there are more good karmas than evil karmas, there will be rising to the three good paths (三善道).

However, all these are still in terms of ‘sinking downwards’, to still be trapped in the cycle of birth and death, to attain neither birth in Pure Land nor liberation. It is with connection to the Buddha with the Three Provisions that there will be pure karma (净业) created for reaching Pure Land.]


[With] Self-power desiring [to be] liberated [from the cycle of] birth [and] death, [is] similar to abandoning [the] ship [to] cross [the] ocean, only if having wings [and] able [to] fly, otherwise, yet [to] have those not falling [and] drowning.


Relying [on the] Buddha’s power [to be] liberated [from the cycle of] birth [and] death, [is] similar [to] securely sitting within [a] ship, [in] a moment then reaching [the] other shore.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng

Dharma Words [Of] Teachings [On] Contemplator [Of The World’s] Sounds [Bodhisattva’s] Day [Of] Accomplishing [The] Path [At The] World Buddhist Lay Association

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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