Mindfulness Of Buddha Is The Unsurpassable Profound And Wonderful Meditation Door 念佛是无上深妙禅门

Mindfulness [Of] Buddha Is [The] Unsurpassable Profound [And] Wonderful Meditation Door


When in [each] thought, [you] should only [be with the] ten thousand conditions put down, [and with the] one thought [of Āmítuófó’s (阿弥陀佛) name] alone raised, like saving [your] head [from] burning, like grieving [for your] deceased parents, like [a] chicken embracing [her] egg, like [a] dragon supporting [a] pearl, not expecting [a] little result, not seeking quick accomplishment. However, only [with] wholeheartedness in this way mindful, [this] is named [as the] unsurpassable profound [and] wonderful Meditation [i.e. Chán] Door.

Pure Land Tradition’s 12th Patriarch Great Master Chèwù
(Chán Master Chèwù’s Collected Works)

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