[9] Section On Benefits Of Departure From Anger In The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path《十善业道经》之离瞋恚之利益篇

[9] [离瞋恚之利益]
[9] [Benefits Of Departure (From) Anger]

复次,龙王!若 [9] 离瞋恚,即得八种喜悦心法。何等为八?

Furthermore, Dragon King, if [9] departing [from] anger, [this] immediately attains eight kinds [of] joyous mind’s dharmas. What are [the] eight?

[i] 一、无损恼心;
[ii] 二、无瞋恚心;
[iii] 三、无诤讼心;
[iv] 四、柔和质直心;
[v] 五、得圣者慈心;
[vi] 六、常作利益安众生心;
[vii] 七、身相端严,众共尊敬;
[viii] 八、以和忍故,速生梵世;是为八。

[i] First, without harmful afflictions’ mind.
[ii] Second, without anger’s mind.
[iii] Third, without contentiousness’ mind.
[iv] Fourth, [with] gentle [and] straightforward mind.
[v] Fifth, attaining noble ones’ loving-kindness’ mind.
[vi] Sixth, constantly giving rise [to] benefitting [and] pacifying sentient beings’ mind. 
[vii] Seventh, [with] body’s form upright [and] majestic, [by] all together honoured [and] revered.
[viii] Eighth, with harmonious patience thus, quickly born [in] Brahma worlds. These are [the] eight.


If [there are] those able [to] dedicate [to] Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi, when later accomplishing Buddhahood, attaining [the] unobstructed mind, [with] those looking without dislike.

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