[10] Section On Benefits Of Departure From Evil Views In The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path《十善业道经》之离邪见之利益篇

[10] [离邪见之利益]
[10] [Benefits Of Departure (From) Evil Views]

复次,龙王!若 [10] 离邪见,即得成就十功德法。何等为十?

Furthermore, Dragon King, if [10] departing [from] evil views, [this] immediately attains accomplishment [of] ten meritorious virtues’ dharmas. What are [the] ten?

[i] 一、得真善意乐、真善等侣;
[ii] 二、深信因果,宁殒身命,终不作恶;
[iii] 三、唯归依佛,非余天等;
[iv] 四、直心正见,永离一切吉凶疑网;
[v] 五、常生人天,不更恶道;
[vi] 六、无量福慧,转转增胜;
[vii] 七、永离邪道,行于圣道;
[viii] 八、不起身见,舍诸恶业;
[ix] 九、住无碍见,
[x] 十、不堕诸难;是为十。

 First, attaining true [and] good mind’s bliss, [with] true [and] good kind [of] companions.
[ii] Second, [with] profound faith [in] cause [and] effect, rather [to] perish [with] body [and] life, [in the] end not doing evil.
[iii] Third, only taking refuge [in the] Buddhas, not [in] other heavenly [beings and] others.
[iv] Fourth, [with the] straightforward mind [and] Right Views, forever departing [from] all auspiciousness’ [and] inauspiciousness’ net [of] doubts.
[v] Fifth, constantly born [in] human [and] heavenly [paths], not again [in] evil paths.
[vi] Sixth, [with] immeasurable blessings [and] wisdom, gradually increasing [with] excellence.
[vii] Seventh, forever departing [from] evil paths, walking on [the] noble path.
[viii] Eighth, not giving rise [to] self’s view, abandoning all evil karmas.
[ix] Ninth, abiding [in] unobstructed views.
[x] Tenth, not falling [into] all difficulties. These are [the] ten.


If [there are] those able [to] dedicate [to] Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi, when later accomplishing Buddhahood, quickly realising all Buddhas’ Dharma [teachings], accomplishing ease [and] supernormal [powers].’

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