[8] Section On Benefits Of Departure From Greedy Desires In The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path《十善业道经》之离贪欲之利益篇

[8] [离贪欲之利益]
[8] [Benefits Of Departure (From) Greedy Desires]

复次,龙王!若 [8] 离贪欲,即得成就五种自在。何等为五?

Furthermore, Dragon King, if [8] departing [from] greedy desires, [this] immediately attains five kinds [of] ease. What are [the] five?

[i] 一、三业自在,诸根具足故;
[ii] 二、财物自在,一切怨贼不能夺故;
[iii] 三、福德自在,随心所欲,物皆备故;
[iv] 四、王位自在,珍奇妙物皆奉献故;
[v] 五、所获之物,过本所求百倍殊胜,由于昔时不悭嫉故;是为五。

 First, [with the] three karmas [at] ease, [and] all roots complete thus.
[ii] Second, [with] wealth [and] materials [at] ease, [that] all hateful thieves [are] not able [to] rob thus.
[iii] Third, [with] blessed virtues [at] ease, according [to] wishes, [of] those desired, [with] objects all complete thus.
[iv] Fourth, [with] kings’ positions [at] ease, [with] precious, rare [and] wonderful objects all offered [and] presented thus.
[v] Fifth, of those obtained objects, surpassing those originally sought [by a] hundred times [in] excellence, due to former times not [being] miserly [and] jealous thus. These are [the] five.


If [there are] those able [to] dedicate [to] Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi, when later accomplishing Buddhahood, [they are by the] three realms specially honoured, [with] all together reverently making offerings [to them].

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