When Others Unruly And Opposing Are Creating Evil Karma, May We Repay Debts And Eliminate Evil Karma 他横逆造业,我还债消业

[When] Others Unruly [And] Opposing [Are] Creating [Evil] Karma, [May] We Repay Debts [And] Eliminate [Evil] Karma


As for [the] unruly [and] opposing, [for those at this] one end, [you] should give rise [to the] sympathetic mind.

[Note 1: There should be compassion (慈悲) for them as although they might be causing us suffering, they are actually suffering in the moment, from the three poisons (三毒) of greed, hatred and delusion (贪嗔痴), with these creating evil karma (恶业), that will reap more suffering in the future. Out of compassion for one and all, there should thus not be verbal or physical aggravation, which is likely to stir up more of their three poisons, thus further harming us and them.]


Sympathising [with] them [as] ignorant, [do] not with [them have] disputes.

[Note 2: For truth and justice, there should be fair attempts of clarifications to resolve misunderstandings without animosity, so that they do not continue creating more evil karma. If ignored, they are truly ignorant indeed, on truths of the issues at hand. They are also ignorant as if they know they are creating the causes for their own suffering, they will not be insistent with their ill ways.]


Also, regard [this as] yourself [in a] past life, [having] previously, [with] afflictions harmed them. Now because [of] this thus, thereupon repaying a past debt, give rise [to the] joyful mind.

[Note 3: Even if not having personally offended them in the past, there must be some equivalent harm we have done to someone. Thus, it does not make sense to suffer further by feeling indignation to no end. There should instead be relief that the karmic payback being experienced is bearable, and received with proper understanding. In this sense, there should be gladness (庆幸), for an ill debt being resolved, while not incurring any new debts with retaliation. Responding with compassion, repentance (忏悔) and patience (忍辱) creates good karma (善业) instead.]


[This is] then without afflictions of [the] unruly [and] opposing [seeking] revenge.

[Note 4: If there is retaliation by us, there might be further retaliation by them. An endless loop will only deepen a karmically lose-lose situation. We should walk away from being harmed, to protect ourselves, while not harming them, to protect them. We should never give opportunities to be personally harmed and never take opportunities to harm others.]

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Fourth Reply Letter [To] Layperson Gāo Shàolín)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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