[1] The One Vehicle’s Unsurpassable Great Teaching 一乘无上之大教

[1] [The] One Vehicle’s Unsurpassable Great Teaching


Great [indeed, is the] Pure Land Dharma Door, [with] it as [a] teaching!


[As it] is [the] mind [that] becomes Buddha, [and it] is [the] mind [that] is Buddha, those directly pointing [to the] human mind, also should yield [to] its outstanding [nature. As with the] immediate thought [being] mindful [of the] Buddha, [it is with the] immediate thought [with] accomplishing [of] Buddhahood, those passing through kalpas [of] cultivating [for] realisation, [to be] benefitted, should surrender [to] its lofty character.


Universally covering [those of] high, medium [and] low roots, unifying [and] gathering [the] Vinaya, Sūtra [and] Chán Traditions. Like timely rain that moisturises living beings, like [the] great ocean that receives rivers.


[Of teachings] partial [and] complete, sudden [and] gradual, [of] all Dharma [Doors], none [do] not from this Dharma Realm flow. [Of teachings] Great [and] Small, Skilful [and] True, [of] all practices, none [do] not return [to] this Dharma Realm. Not [yet] severing [all] confusions [and evil] karma, attaining in advance, [the] Position [Of One Life To] Replacement, immediately [in] this one life, perfecting Bodhi.


[If the] nine realms’ sentient beings depart [from] this door, [they are for that] above, not able [to] completely accomplish [the] Buddha path. [If the] ten directions’ all Buddhas abandon this Dharma [Door, they are for those] below, not able [to] universally benefit sentient beings. [1] Therefore, [the] Flower Adornment [Sūtra’s] ocean-wide assembly, completely followed [the] ‘Ten Great Vows’ King’.

[Note 1: The nine realms are the ten dharma realms without the Buddhas’ realm.

Ten Dharma Realms (十法界):

Four Noble (Enlightened) Realms (四圣):
(With the greater above, in descending order of spiritual greatness)

(10) Buddhas (佛陀)
(9) Bodhisattvas (菩提萨埵 / 菩萨)
(8) Pratyekabuddhas / Those By Conditions Awakened / Lone Awakeners (辟支佛 / 缘觉 / 独觉)
(7) Voice-Hearers (Śrāvakas) / Arhats (声闻 / 阿罗汉 / 罗汉)

Six Ordinary Realms (六凡):

(6) Heavenly Beings (天人)
(5) Asuras (阿修罗)
(4) Human Beings (人)
(3) Animals (畜生)
(2) Hungry Ghosts (饿鬼)
(1) Hell Beings (地狱众生)]

[Note 2: For the ‘Ten Great Vows’ King’ by Universal Virtue Bodhisattva (普贤菩萨), see]


[2] [As in the ‘Wonderful] Dharma [Lotus] Flower [Sūtra’《妙法莲华经》, with] one recitation [of the Buddha, with] all realising all dharmas’ true form.

[Note 3: For the sūtra’s teaching by the Buddha, see note at]


[3] [As the] practice of [the] most supreme skilful means, [with] Aśvaghoṣa [Bodhisattva] showing [it] in [the ‘Treatise For] Giving Rise [To] Faith [In The Great Vehicle’《大乘起信论》].

[Note 4: For the treatise’s teachings on this by the 12th Indian Patriarch of the Chán Tradition (天竺禅宗十二祖), see]

易行疾至之道,龙树阐于 《婆沙》。

[4] [As the] path of easy practice [to] swiftly reach [Buddhahood, with] Nāgārjuna [Bodhisattva] explaining [it] in [the ‘Ten Abodes’] Vibhāṣa [Treatise’《十住毗婆沙论》].

[Note 5: For the treatise’s teachings on this by the 14th Indian Patriarch of the Chán Tradition (天竺禅宗十四祖), who is also the Patriarch of the Eight Traditions (八宗之祖), which are the Chán Tradition (禅宗), Mind-Only Tradition (唯识宗), Tiāntái Tradition (天台宗), Flower Adornment Tradition (华严宗), Three Treatises’ Tradition (三论宗), Satyasiddhi Tradition (成实宗), Esoteric Tradition (密宗) and the Pure Land Tradition (净土宗), see]


[5] Śākya[muni Buddha’s] later [manifestation] body [as Great Master] Zhìzhě, spoke [the] ‘Treatise [On] Ten Doubts [About Pure Land]’《净土十疑论》, and [was with] focused Aspiration [for reaching the] Western [Pure Land].

[Note 6: For the treatise’s teachings by the Tiāntái Tradition’s 1st Patriarch (天台宗初祖), see]


[6] Āmítuófó [阿弥陀佛] manifested himself [as Great Master] Yǒngmíng, [who] wrote [the ‘Brief [On] Four Categories’, and lifelong recited [the] Buddha[‘s name: Āmítuófó].

[Note 7: See this teaching by the Pure Land Tradition’s 6th Patriarch (净土宗六祖) at]


Gathering together [those of the] Three Vehicles [and] Five Natures, [to] totally realise [the] true [and] constant. Guiding [the] noble above [and the] ordinary below, together ascending [the] other shore. Thus attained [by the] nine realms, [with] all ‘returning’, [and the] ten directions together praising.

[Note 8: The Three Vehicles (三乘) are the vehicles (乘) of Voice-Hearers (声闻), Those By Conditions Awakened (缘觉) and Bodhisattvas (菩萨).]

[Note 9: The Five Natures (五性) are the seed-natures (种性 of) Voice-Hearers (声闻), Those By Conditions Awakened (缘觉), Bodhisattvas (菩萨), Those With Indeterminate Nature (不定性) and Those Without Nature (无性). Those With Indeterminate Nature will incline towards the vehicle encountered, and Those Without Nature lack the aspiration for liberation, at most aspiring for better human or heavenly rebirths, being of the Human And/Or Heavenly Vehicle (人天乘).]

[Note 10: The ten directions are all directions – in the east, west, south, north, northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest, above and below.]


[With] thousands [of] sūtras also explaining, [and] ten thousand treatises all proclaiming, [it] truly can [be] called [that] ultimately spoken, of [the Buddha’s] one lifetime [of] teachings, [and that] of [the] One Vehicle, its unsurpassable great teaching.


[If] not [having] planted virtuous roots, [even if] passing kalpas, [it will be] difficult [to] encounter [this]. Since [having] obtained seeing [and] hearing [of this, there] should [be] diligent practice.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng

Dharma Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings (First Compilation): Preface [For] Printed [And] Given Picture [Of The Land Of] Ultimate Bliss;
Record [Of] Great Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings’ Essence (1st Short Section): 1st [Chapter]: Praise [Of The] Pure Land [Dharma Door Being] Transcendental [And] Supreme (1st Short Section)
[Ref: #1 / 1.1]

Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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