[109] Record Of An Empress’ Rebirth In Pure Land 皇后往生净土记

Record Of An Empress’ Rebirth In Pure Land

◎ 隋独孤皇后
Suí [Dynasty’s] Dúgū Empress


Dúgū Empress, [was a] Hénán Luòyáng person, [the] daughter of Zhōu’s minister of war, Hénèi Gōngxìn.


When Suí [Dynasty’s] Emperor Wén [was] yet [to be] honoured, [he] married [her] as [his] wife. When [he] accepted abdication [of Emperor Jìng of Northern Zhōu (北周静帝), she was] established as Empress.


[With] nature wise [and] capable, [of the] imperial court’s government affairs, many [of] them [were] redressed [with] benefits. However, perhaps [due to] jealousy, [the] rear palace rarely attained advancing [of her] imperial [petitions].


[The] Emperor greatly protected [the] Buddha’s Dharma, decreeing all administrative districts everywhere [to] build relic pagodas, [to] safely house śarīra, [with] many connecting [to have] auspicious responses.


[The] Empress also revered [and] admired [the] Great Vehicle, [and] constantly upheld [the] Buddha’s name. When upholding [his] name, [she] would first change [into] clean clothes, [and] chew agarwood [with] water, [using its] fragrance [to] wash [her] mouth, with [this] as [her] constant [practice].


[In] Rénshòu’s second year’s eighth month [of] Jiǎzǐ [i.e. first year of the sixty-year cycle], [she] died in Yǒng’ān Palace, [at the] age [of] fifty. At that time, extraordinary fragrance filled [the] room, [as] heavenly music rose [and] sounded.


[The] Emperor asked [the] Indian monk Dūtísīnà, ‘What [do] these signs [mean]?’


In reply, ‘[The] Pure Land has [a] Buddha, named Āmítuófó, [with the] Empress reborn [there], thus appearing [with] these auspicious signs.’


(Book [Of] Suí, Continuation [Of] High Monastics’ Biographies, [The] Buddhas’ [And] Patriarchs’ Chronicles)

(Record [Of] Pure Land’s Noble Sages):
卷九 • 往生女人第九
Ninth Scroll: Ninth [Section On] Reborn Women
Compiled [By] Péng Xīsù

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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