[30] [106] Sòng Dynasty’s Féng Family’s Madam 宋冯氏夫人

[30] Sòng [Dynasty’s] Féng Family’s Madam


Madam’s name [was] Fǎ Xìn, [the] daughter of Huì Xún, [who was] conferred [as] Young Teacher [of the Prince]. [She was] matched [with the] Commissioner for Pacification Chén Sīgōng.


[When] young, [she was with] many sicknesses. When married, [her] sicknesses [became] especially extreme, [with] those doctors assuming [she] could not [be] cured.


Going [to] see Chán Master Císhòu Shēn, [she] asked [for a] prescription for healing [her] sicknesses. Shēn taught [her to be] with upholding [of the] Purification [Precepts and] recitation [of the] Buddha[‘s name].


Madam completely eliminated [consuming of] meat [and] blood, and [using her] ornaments, [with] them [made] offerings. Wearing [her] clothes [worn when] sweeping pagodas, [she was] focused, with [reaching the] Western [Pure Land] as [her subject of] mindfulness.


[With] walking also [towards the] Western direction, [with] sitting also [towards the] Western direction, [with] everyday eating [and] resting also [towards the] Western direction, [with] speaking [and] silence, movement [and] stillness also [towards the] Western direction, [with] pouring water [and] offering flowers also [towards the] Western direction, [and with] reciting [and] walking meditation’s path also [towards the] Western direction.


[With each one] kṣaṇa [i.e. instant] of [a] thought, [with] autumn’s fine hair of good, [with each] one used as [a] bridge for [reaching the] Western [Pure Land, she was] within ten years, without laziness’ appearance.

[Note: ‘秋毫’ is also ‘new down’ or ‘fine feather’, representing that very small.]


[With her] mind peaceful, body healthy, [and] spirits thriving, all people respected [and thought] highly [of] her.



One day, [she] suddenly wrote [a] verse,

‘According [with] conditions bearing karma [for] many years, in vain [as an] old cow tilling [the] fields. Prepare [the] body [and] mind, [for] earlier return [to] go, [to] avoid causing [the] nostrils, [to] suffer [from] people’s piercing.’


[Her] clan [and] family members [thought] this [was] strange. Madam said, ‘[With my] practice, then [to the] West returning, what strangeness [does] this have?’


Then lying [down with] sickness, [she] had slight gasping [for] breath. Suddenly looking around alarmed, then rising [and] saying, ‘My consciousness [has] travelled [to the] Pure Land, facing [and] prostrating [to] Amitā[bha] Buddha, [with] Contemplator [Of] Sounds [Bodhisattva on his] left attending, Power Arrived [Bodhisattva on his] right looking, [and] thousands [of] millions [of] koṭis [of] pure Buddhist disciples, prostrating [to] congratulate my coming [to be] born [in] that land. Those halls, groves [and] ponds, [were with] bright lights wonderful [and] beautiful, with [what the] Flower Adornment Sūtra and [the] Sixteen Contemplations’ Sūtra, those said, one [and the] same.’


[The] next day, [she] peacefully departed [and] left. [Her] Family members smelled wonderful incense’s aroma, not like [those kinds of the] human world. Reaching [the] third day [with] cremation, all [of her] body [was] like [when] alive.

第五卷: 感应事迹三十篇

Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Fifth Scroll: Thirty Essays [On] Deeds [Of] Connection [And] Response

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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