[1] First Universal Encouragement Of Practice: A Certain Person Asked Kǒngzǐ… 普劝修持一:或人问孔子…

Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text
[3] Third Scroll: Nine Essays [On] Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice


Mèngzǐ [i.e. Mencius] said, ‘People all can become [like the Emperors] Yáo [and] Shùn.’


Xúnzi said, ‘Of people [on the] road, [they] can become [like the Great] Yǔ.’


Constantly Not Slighting Bodhisattva said, ‘I [do] not dare [to have] slighting of you [and] others, [as] you [and] others all can become Buddhas.’


[This] is [as] everyone can become noble [and] virtuous [ones, and] everyone can become Buddhas. [As the] Western Pure Land [is] then [the] essential [and] straightforward door [and] path, without people [who] cannot cultivate [it], thus [with this scroll named] as ‘Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice’.

[1] First Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

[(A) Certain Person Asked Kǒngzǐ…]


[A] certain person asked Kǒngzǐ [i.e. Confucius], ‘[There] are people, [when] moving houses, then forgetting their wives. Is [it so]?’ Kǒngzǐ said, ‘[There] are also [those more] extreme [than] this. [With Xià] Jié (夏桀) [and Shāng] Zhòu (商纣) then forgetting their bodies [with indulgence].’ If with [the] path’s eye contemplating this, nowadays [is with] people all forgetting their bodies. Why thus?


From early morning opening [our] eyes leaving rest, until night-time going to bed closing [our] eyes, without [then] not [with] afflictions, not yet once temporarily [with] reflection [on] our bodies, [this] is [with] all forgetting their bodies too.


Moreover, people relying on [their] bodies, with [the] day, speaking of [it, as] none [is] greater than hunger [and] thirst, [there] must [be] for drink [and] food then [with] preparation. With [the] year, speaking of [it, as] none [is] greater than winter [and] summer, [there] must [be] for winter [and] summer clothing then [with] preparation. With [that] lifelong, speaking of [it, as] none [is] greater than death [and] birth, yet not for [reaching] Pure Land then [with] preparation. Why?


Moreover, if [a] person has [a] hundred jīns of gold [i.e. with one jīn being 500 grams, this is 50 kilograms], [if] suddenly having [a] great catastrophe, not able [to] carry [it by] hand and walk, [there] must [be] abandoning [of] it, then going [off]. If hugging [the] gold and with it together dying, [the] world [will] definitely call this great foolishness.


[It] is [with] all knowing [that] this body [is] heavier than [a] hundred jīns of gold. However, throughout life, then merely hastening [after] fame [and] contending [for] benefits, although [with a] thing of [a] hundred qiáns [i.e. with one qián (or coin) being one-tenth of a tael], also not willing [to] abandon [it], yet not self-respecting this body. Why?


Perhaps reproached as thieves, perhaps scolded as birds [and] beasts, then enraged [and] angry, having those going so far, [as to have] lifelong resentment [and] regret, yet [they] cannot [be] resolved, having those going so far, [as to have] fighting [and] attacking, yet becoming imprisoned [and] accused [with lawsuits]. Those names of thieves, birds [and] beasts [are] without injury of our bodies, however detesting them thus, [this] is only treasuring [the] names of our bodies, yet not knowing [to] treasure [that] true of our bodies. Why?


Moreover, that true of our bodies [has] no other [name. When] forcibly named [as] ‘dead’, [it is] yet truly not yet once that [which] is dead. People only see that abandoning [of] this rotting body, then going [off], thus calling this death, not knowing [that] abandoning [of] this [is] then [to be] reborn there. Thus, [for] that place of rebirth, how can [there] not [be] preparation? Thus, speaking of [the] Western [Pure Land, it] truly cannot [be] abandoned.


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Third Scroll: Nine Essays [On] Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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[3] Third Scroll: Nine Essays On Universal Encouragement Of Practice

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