Who Are As True Buddha’s Disciples? 何为真佛弟子?Those Not Filial ‘Learning’ Buddhism Are With The Buddha Contradictory 不孝学佛者与佛悖 True Experiences Of Rebirths With Mindfulness Of Buddha As Proof 念佛往生实验为证据

[Who (Are) As True Buddha’s Disciples?]


Those [who] so-called learn Buddhism, must [be] honest [and] sincere [with] proper human relationships, [with] respect utmost [in their] personal responsibilities, [of] all evils not doing [them, and of] all good practising [them].


Again, [in] addition, with Faith [and] Aspiration mindful [of] Buddha, seeking birth [in his] Western [Pure Land], abstaining [from] killing, protecting lives, [and] universally delivering all.


Of such persons, [they] are as good persons. [They will] be good [at] learning Buddhism, then as true Buddha’s disciples.

[Those Not Filial ‘Learning’ Buddhism (Are) With (The) Buddha Contradictory]


If those such-and-such ‘gentlemen’, [are] disobedient [to their] parents, not filial, [and are] deliberately vicious, [with] appearances although ‘learning’ Buddhism, [their] minds [are] with [the] Buddha contradictory.


[In] these persons’ lives, if not encountering unexpected calamities, [with] death also definitely falling [to lower realms]. Why [is there even] need [to] mention [this]?

[True Experiences (Of) Rebirths (With) Mindfulness (Of) Buddha (As) Proof]


As for mindfulness [of] Buddha’s true experiences, how [can they] not [be] able [to] refute [the] slanderous dispositions of those ‘scientific’?


Why [do] you not see [the] ‘Record [Of] Pure Land’s Noble Sages’? [As this] is [with] many persons’ true experiences [when] approaching [life’s] end, why [are they] not allowed [for] people [to] discuss?


Now, of those discussing Buddhism, again, why abandon this kind [of] true experiences, yet [to] only sigh, [to have their] hands tied, [to be unable to help]?


[This] truly is [to] embrace [a] night-illuminating gem, [yet to] only personally resent darkness. How [is this] not pitiful?

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Ninth Reply Letter [To] Layperson Cài Qìchéng)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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