Structured Classification Of Amitābha Buddha’s 48 Great Vows 阿弥陀佛四十八大愿结构分类

Structured Classification Of Amitābha Buddha’s 48 Great Vows

摄佛身愿 [三愿]:
Vows For Gathering The Buddha’s Body [3 Vows]

[1] 第十二:光明遍照十方愿
Twelfth Vow Of Bright Light Everywhere Illuminating In The Ten Directions
[2] 第十三:寿命同佛永久愿
Thirteenth Vow Of Everlasting Lifespan The Same As The Buddha
[3] 第十七:诸佛称名赞叹愿
Seventeenth Vow Of All Buddhas Proclaiming Name With High Praises

摄净土愿 [四]:
Vows For Gathering The Pure Land [4 Vows]

[1] 第一:国中无三恶道愿
First Vow Of Land Without Three Evil Paths
[2] 第二十七:万物悉皆殊特愿
Twenty-Seventh Vow Of Ten Thousand Things All Being Excellent And Special
[3] 第三十一:净国照见十方愿
Thirty-First Vow Of Pure Land With Illumination And Sight Of The Ten Directions
[4] 第三十二:严饰超诸天人愿
Thirty-Second Vow Of Majestic Adornments Surpassing Those Of All Heavenly Beings

摄众生愿 [四十一愿]:
Vows For Gathering Sentient Beings [41 Vows]

摄自国众生土愿 [二十六愿]:
Vows For Gathering Own Land’s Sentient Beings [26 Vows]

[1] 第二:不复更生恶道愿
Second Vow Of Not Again Further Born In Evil Paths
[2] 第三:各得真金色身愿
Third Vow Of Each Attaining True Gold-Coloured Body
[3] 第四:形色无有好丑愿
Fourth Vow Of Body And Countenance Not Having Beauty And Ugliness
[4] 第五:生者皆得宿命愿
Fifth Vow Of Those Born All Attaining Past Lives’ Knowledge
[5] 第六:皆得天眼彻视愿
Sixth Vow Of All Attaining Heavenly Eye With Pervasive Sight
[6] 第七:皆得天耳彻听愿
Seventh Vow Of All Attaining Heavenly Ear With Pervasive Hearing
[7] 第八:皆得知他心念愿
Eighth Vow Of All Attaining Knowledge Of Others’ Thoughts
[8] 第九:皆得神足飞行愿
Ninth Vow Of All Attaining Supernormal Flight
[9] 第十:不起贪计身见愿
Tenth Vow Of Non-Arising Of View Of Greedy Attachment To Body
[10] 第十一:正定必至涅槃愿
Eleventh Vow Of Abiding In The Right Definite Assembly To Definitely Reach Nirvāṇa
[11] 第十四:声闻广多无量愿
Fourteenth Vow Of Voice-Hearers Numerous And Immeasurable
[12] 第十五:寿命修短随意愿
Fifteenth Vow Of Lifespan Cut Short Accordingly As Wished
[13] 第十六:国中无不善名愿
Sixteenth Vow Of Land Without Names Of The Unvirtuous Within
[14] 第二十一:各具三十二相愿
Twenty-First Vow Of Each Complete With Thirty-Two Forms
[15] 第二十二:菩萨一生补处愿
Twenty-Second Vow Of Bodhisattvas Attaining The Position Of One Life To Replacement
[16] 第二十三:一时普供诸佛愿
Twenty-Third Vow Of In One Instant Universally Offering To All Buddhas
[17] 第二十四:供具自皆如意愿
Twenty-Fourth Vow Of Offering Instruments Naturally All As Wished
[18] 第二十五:菩萨演一切智愿
Twenty-Fifth Vow Of Bodhisattvas Expounding All-Knowing Wisdom
[19] 第二十六:菩萨得金刚身愿
Twenty-Sixth Vow Of Bodhisattvas Attaining Vajra Bodies
[20] 第二十八:菩萨道树普见愿
Twenty-Eighth Vow Of Bodhisattva Path’s Tree Universally Seen
[21] 第二十九:受经普得智辩愿
Twenty-Ninth Vow Of Receiving Sūtras With Universal Attainment Of Wisdom And Eloquence
[22] 第三十:慧辩无有限量愿
Thirtieth Vow Of Wisdom And Eloquence Not Having Limits
[23] 第三十八:妙服自然在身愿
Thirty-Eighth Vow Of Wonderful Clothing Naturally On Body
[24] 第三十九:受乐同于漏尽愿
Thirty-Ninth Vow Of Receiving Bliss The Same As Those With Outflows Ended
[25] 第四十:随意见诸佛国愿
Fortieth Vow Of Seeing All Buddha Lands Accordingly As Wished
[26] 第四十六:自然得闻妙法愿
Forty-Sixth Vow Of Naturally Attaining Hearing Of The Wonderful Dharma

摄他国众生愿 [十五愿]:
Vows For Gathering Other Lands’ Sentient Beings [15 Vows]

[1] 第十八:十念皆生我国愿
Eighteenth Vow Of Those With Ten Thoughts All Born In My Land
[2] 第十九:勤修我皆接引愿
Nineteenth Vow Of Those With Diligent Cultivation All Received And Guided By Me
[3] 第二十:系念必得往生愿
Twentieth Vow Of Those With Continual Mindfulness Definitely Attaining Rebirth
[4] 第三十三:蒙光触身获益愿
Thirty-Third Vow Of Receiving Light That Touches Body For Obtaining Benefits
[5] 第三十四:皆得法忍总持愿
Thirty-Fourth Vow Of All Attaining Dharma Forbearance And Dhāraṇīs
[6] 第三十五:信乐永离女身愿
Thirty-Fifth Vow Of Joyful Faith For Eternal Departure From Female Body
[7] 第三十六:勤修必成佛道愿
Thirty-Sixth Vow Of Diligent Cultivation With Definite Accomplishment Of The Buddha Path
[8] 第三十七:归依感动天人愿
Thirty-Seventh Vow Of Heavenly And Human Beings Moved To Take Refuge
[9] 第四十一:闻名诸根具足愿
Forty-First Vow Of Hearing Name Leading To All Roots Being Complete
[10] 第四十二:悉得清净解脱愿
Forty-Second Vow Of All Attaining Pure Liberation
[11] 第四十三:闻名生处尊贵愿
Forty-Third Vow Of Hearing Name Leading To Birthplace Being Honourable
[12] 第四十四:修行具足德本愿
Forty-Fourth Vow Of Cultivating Practices For Complete Virtuous Roots
[13] 第四十五:皆得三昧见佛愿
Forty-Fifth Vow Of All Attaining Samādhi For Sight Of Buddhas
[14] 第四十七:即得不退转地愿
Forty-Seventh Vow Of Immediately Attaining Non-Retrogression’s Ground
[15] 第四十八:即得诸忍究竟愿
Forty-Eighth Vow Of Immediately Attaining All Forbearances Completely

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