[15] How Does Sincere Mindfulness Of Buddha Eradicate So Many Transgressions And Attain Non-Retrogression? 至心念佛如何灭除如此多罪而得不退?One Thought Powerful Surpasses Hundred Years’ Leisureliness 一念猛利过百年悠悠


Question: [The] Commentary [On The Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Amitā(bha Buddha)《佛说阿弥陀经疏钞》] points [out that with the] ‘sincere mind mindful [of the] Buddha [for] one recitation, [this] eradicates eighty koṭis [of] kalpas [of] births’ [and] deaths’ heavy transgressions’, [with this] belonging [to] principle’s wholeheartedness [without scatteredness (理一心不乱)].


[It] also explains [that in the] Buddha Names’ Sūtra’s, [on] ‘once hearing [a] Buddha’s name, [this] eradicates immeasurable kalpas’ transgressions of births [and] deaths’, saying [that] ‘once [it is] heard, not awaiting recollection [and] mindfulness, [it is] immeasurably [so], not only [for] eighty koṭis [of] kalpas.’ Then, how [can this] only [be] principle’s wholeheartedness?


Also, [on] this sūtra, [on] hearing [the] sūtra, hearing [a Buddha’s] name, [with] all attaining non-retrogression, [is this] practice’s [wholeheartedness (without scatteredness) (事一心不乱), or] principle’s [wholeheartedness]?


Answer: [The] Contemplation Sūtra’s ten recitations’ eradication [of] transgressions [for] rebirth [in Pure Land, is] due [to the] mind [of] fear [and] suffering [being] pressing, [a] good friend’s [supportive] condition [being] strong, [and with each] one thought [being] powerful, surpassing [a] hundred years [of] leisurely [practice], not necessarily having practice that [is with the] complete principle, however [with] surpassing of [the] usual principle’s upholding [of the Buddha’s name. As the] Commentary’s Master perhaps borrowed [from] those revealing practice [with] achievements utmost, then [does this] not contradict [the] principle.


Like [the] Buddha Names’ Sūtra as said, with those Buddhas, complete [with] immeasurable majestic virtues’ [and] vows’ power, thus [will] those hearing [their names] obtain such benefits, [with those] hearing [their names, but] not [having] faith, likewise [having] obtained immeasurable transgressions. [There] must [be] sentient beings not [with] few good roots [and] blessed virtues, that [are] able [to] hear [their names] too.


Non-retrogression likewise [is] not [with] one kind, according [to] those hearing realising [it], having position, practice [and] mindfulness, [with these] three non-retrogressions. Those only experiencing [a Buddha’s name] passing [their] ears, [are] like [those] swallowing [a] little vajra [seed, that] ultimately [will] not be digested [to be eliminated], becoming [a] distant cause [for a distant effect, in the] end not retrogressing too.

Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì
《灵峰宗论》卷第三之一:答问一 /
Spirit Peak Tradition’s Treatise: First [Part] Of Scroll Three: First Answers [For] Questions /
Great Master Ǒuyì’s Pure Land Collection: 9th [Section]: Answers [For] Questions: Answers [For] Zhuō Zuǒchē’s Thirty-Two Questions [On The] Commentary [On The Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of A]mitā[bha Buddha] [#15]

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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